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How to look Sporty or Fashionable?

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Sports has become an essential part of our society, with everyone looking to stay fit and healthy not only because sports helps our physique but also helps relax our mind and boosts confidence by helping us look good and feel good at the same time! Nowadays sports is no longer played for fun but is a serious partner in fashion! How to look sporty and fashionable at the same time? The answer lies in choosing your apparel so that it provides you with both comfort and flare!

Here are a few tips on infusing the sporty and fashionable look using the Adidas Originals range:

Picking the right attire:

Adidas Techfit

Adidas Techfit

Jogging in winters requires the apparel to be flexible, lightweight and the same time be able to keep you warm. Therefore to enhance the ease and ability to run and jog, sticky and privateer work best as they provide warmth and breath ability while keeping you dry from the sweaty feeling. For enthusiasts who are more involved and want to optimization and efficiency, try wearing compression sleeves which improve the circulation of blood flow in the body to help prevent muscle aches and cramps.

Fabric with enhanced technologies:

Compression Material

Compression Material

Make sure that the fabric you choose has maximum breath ability and is light in weight for optimum comfort. As its winters, your choice should be between long sleeved t-shirts, windbreakers and other assorted jackets in order to keep yourself warm while taking away the moisture from your body.

All apparel should have close cuts to the body to allow for ease of flexibility and movement. Once again compression up’s are recommended as they allow more flow of oxygen to the body and help prevent muscular pains.

Size does matter- get it right:



If you’re confused between the generic size and you’re hip size as they differ, it is always the smartest idea to choose the size which is the perfect fit for your hips. Self measurements are a key to get the sizes right! Therefore follow the tips listed below:

  • Hips: stand on the floor with your feet joined together and using a measuring tape, measure around the tip of your hips while the tape is kept parallel to the ground.
  • Chest: once again stand up straight on the floor and let your chest in its natural position. Do not inflate or deflate it. Then take a tape measure and measure around the tip of the chest keeping the tape measure parallel to the ground.

A detailed version of how to take measurements for men and women is available on the wikiHow website.

Important: It is always wise to choose clothes that fit around your physique to give a natural look than to look for lengths. If you’re made to choose between the right chest or hip size and length, always go for the right chest and hip sizes as length alterations can be made easily.

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