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How You Can Save and Earn some Extra Money Being in a Big City

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Living in a big city is fun. There is so much to experience during your stay. Parties, shows, concerts, expensive cars, unique food, and fancy clothes are some of the features of a major city. Everyone would want to live in such a place. However, all this hype and fun comes with a cost. You may end up using all your hard-earned money on these activities and end up broke. This fact does not mean you leave the city. There are tips you can follow to enjoy your stay in a famous town without breaking the bank.

  1. Come up with a budget and stick to it

You need to know how much you earn before you come up with a budget. Write down all the recurring expenses you incur on a monthly basis. Use what is left to determine how much you will spend on activities you love and what you will save. Create a list of activities you enjoy doing and their cost. Spread these activities across the year such that you get to experience at least one event or activity once a year. For efficiency, install applications to help you in record keeping and analysis of your spending habits.

  1. Reconsider your means of transport

The development of technology has brought about convenience that was not available in the past. You can now request for an Uber whenever you need to rush somewhere. This convenience comes at a cost which can be avoided. Have an adequately planned schedule so that you do not have to rush from one location to another. Use public transport or walk if possible. You can use walking as a form of exercise after spending hours on a computer. If you use a car, you can lower your expenses by getting the services of Cheap Car Insurance in Dallas.

  1. Adjust your wardrobe

Do not fall into the trap of peer pressure where you find yourself purchasing trendy clothes. You will look classy and up to date, but it will cost you to keep up with the pace. Get attire that will last for a long time such as tailored pants and neutral sweaters. These clothes may be costly as you buy them for the first time, but it will be a one-off cost that you will incur again after a long time. Follow this tip and save money. Look for shops with less expensive but trendy clothes.  

  1. Cook from home

Carrying cooked food from home is an excellent habit of picking up if you intend to save money. Buying food every day is costly when accumulated over the entire month. The money you spend on preparing food is significantly lower than what you use when buying lunch. Look for a farmer’s market and stock up food for a more extended period to further lower your costs of preparing meals at home. Prepare a balanced and healthy meal and you will not only save money but also stay healthy.

  1. Attend free events

There are several events and shows to attend in the city. Fortunately, some of these shows are free to participate in. Gallery openings in museums, festivals and parades are some of the free events to look for. On months where there are no free shows, you can arrange with your friends to go hang out in a park and play fun games. You will have fun at almost no cost.

  1. Buy online in bulk

Stocking up may be a challenge if you do not have a car. Instead of making one-off trips to shops to get a few items, you can make a bulk purchase from an online store. You will save time and money as the products ordered will be delivered to your doorstep. Look for promotional codes from these online shops and save more.


The cost of living in a popular city should not overwhelm you. Be smart and save a significant amount of money which you can invest to increase your source of income. Follow the tips above and enjoy your stay in the city.


by: Lee Flynn


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