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How You Can Motivate and Reward Your Employees

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If you run a business in today’s day and age, you might notice that it’s harder to keep your employees motivated than before. They have so many “shiny objects” that capture their attention from social media to other job offers. You need to keep them on the right track and reward them for their efforts so they can help your company grow. Here’s how:


Everyday, schedule a meeting where you go over your key goals for that day. It might be a number of sales, number of customer service emails processed, or progress on a key campaign for marketing.

No matter which projects are at the forefront of your mind, make sure everyone understands their role clearly after the meeting. Leave time for questions of clarification. This way, your team can innovate within the boundaries you have set and have confidence that if they give you the best of their creative energy it won’t go overlooked.

Instill a Performance Based Culture

If you produced $100,000 of revenue for a company but didn’t get any additional rewards over someone who produced just one tenth of that, how would you feel? You would feel like you just did a whole lot of extra work for nothing. And unfortunately this is how many companies work, which results in a slump of motivation from some of their best employees.

Down the line, these employees might just get so fed up that they start looking for work elsewhere in a company that values their performance. If you’ve let it get to that point, it’s too late. So prevent that from happening by communicating that you are a results oriented business. Expect great things from your employees and compensate them in money, vacation, or at least praise when they fulfill their side.

Have a Great Human Resources Strategy

Whether you are talking about human resources in healthcare, insurance, or any other industry, a great HR strategy is key. Human resources is important because they are the team that help take your mission statement and make it a reality.

For instance, when a new employee comes on board, they need to be made to feel welcome. This is one instance in which great HR personnel that are professional and kind are essential. In addition, they will then handle the payroll and accounting, as well as the training for your new team members. Speaking of which:

Great Training

If you don’t train your team members right, expect to have a bad time getting them to stay motivated. How you set the tone from the start with training will affect their ability to be valuable members of your company.

If you cross-train new employees on various skills, then they will be more confident in their ability to be autonomous without having to rely on other departments or ask their manager for help with every little issue. You’ll also prepare them to be a better candidate for higher level positions:

Ability to Move Upward

Employees are not happy in companies where they feel they will never move up. If they feel stuck doing the same thing over and over again, making the same money, their motivation will wear off.

Show your employees that you value their time and work by promoting from within. This will reward them for their hard work and encourage them to compete for positions of more responsibility. This also helps you because you can save the time and money of recruiting outside the office and everything that interview process entails.

When it comes to helping your employees feel valued and motivated, it can be overwhelming at first. There are a lot of factors to consider. However, if you implement the strategies above you can have a team that’s working at full speed with a lot of energy left over for innovation. So take action today and ensure your employees are all on the same page and contributing to the bottom line.


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