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How to Use Your Website to Build Trust for Your Brand

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Trust is the lifeline of every business that wants to thrive on the Internet. The threshold is even higher when it comes to ecommerce businesses that make all their transactions online. But how do you use your website to build trust for your brand in an environment that is saturated by fraudsters? How can you stand out with a distinction of credibility so that your users can pay on your website without having question marks? These questions require answers that transcend nice theories because people are protective of their hard-earned cash. In this post, we shall find answers to these questions as we look at how installing a cheap EV SSL certificate and other measures can help you to achieve this trust-building process.


In life, human beings learn to trust people they deem unbiased. Naturally, consumers are wary of adverts since they know some marketers can exaggerate and misrepresent facts to force faulty products down their throats. That is why they weigh everything a marketer or seller says because they have commercial interests. However, when they hear about the efficiency of a service from fellow buyers in the form of testimonials and reviews, they are more likely to believe their report because it comes from a neutral party, a bird of the same feather. Therefore, it is necessary to allow users to give their honest and unbiased reviews and testimonials so that you can inspire confidence and trust in the minds of your prospects and current clients.

 Make your site secure

What do you think customers fear losing the most when dealing with an ecommerce seller? Top on the list of all their fears is the thought of losing their money in unsecured transitions. This loss can take place directly on the site as they transact as in the case of phishing or through the theft of their banking and credit card details for future theft. As a site owner, you need to help your customers to enjoy security by installing a EV SSL to ensures that all the details regarding their transactions are secure. The certificate will encrypt your users’ privacy so that the data they exchange between your server and their devices remains secret.

Mentions in the media

For a serious business that minds its reputation, the media remains a key partner in building brand credibility. The reason is that people trust the media, and when it portrays your business in a positive light, the mention will have direct positive implications that can boost the confidence of your prospective and existing clients in your brand. Therefore, display every positive mention of your business on your website. For instance, if a popular online or offline publication names your business among the “Top midsize startups of the year,” you have to display it as a golden trophy.

Optimize employee faces and original pictures

Ecommerce differs from traditional trade in many ways. One of the ways through which your online store differs from a brick-and-mortar shop is that the later enjoys a greater personal touch that inspires customer confidence. But in your case, you do not have a salesperson to greet and welcome your visitors as they walk into your online shop. However, you can use headshots, employee videos, and images to compensate for this lacking. Additionally, your customers don’t have the privilege of sampling real products, and hence, you ought to give them real product photos. By using exact pictures, you will build the trust of the buyers since they will be buying the same item they saw on your website.

Optimize case studies

Another way of building the trust of your online brand is optimizing the power of case studies. The reason is that people are more inclined to trust unbiased data that comes from a credible third party. This way, your customers will find a stronger platform of credibility for them to continue entrusting you with their money and confidence.

Optimize video power

Naturally, people are more inclined to believe what they see more than mere words. The same principle applies when it comes to the written words on your website. If you want to boost the trust of your readers, you need to give them videos that demonstrate the texts they read. When you do this, you give them an opportunity to feel the reality of what the adage seeing is believing means. If you want to know how this principle works, just remember what goes on in a court of law. After a complainant or respondent makes a claim, judges order them to produce witnesses who saw or witnessed their claims. If the witness cannot prove that they saw what the respondent or complainant alleges, their witness lacks power and it is dismissed.

Use a comprehensive ‘About Us’ page

Where do you look before trusting an online vendor with your money? Definitely, you will want to look at their “About Us” page so that you can get more details about the seller’s reputation, experience, and history. These crucial details will help you in building trust in the website. Likewise, that is how your visitors treat your website. Therefore, you should give them enough details to be sure that you are a credible seller.

Awards and certifications 

Lastly, you can take advantage of your awards and certifications to display your milestones and credibility. By displaying trophies, you show your users that you are a respected vendor, making it easy for them to trust you with their money and other sensitive information you may request from them.

Trust is an integral interface that maintains the life of your business dealings with your clients. As an online seller, you can use your website as a tool for building this all-important pillar for your online brand. By paying attention to the strategies we have shared in this post, such as EV SSL, you can carve yourself a status of credibility in an online environment that is infiltrated by all manner of crooks.


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