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How to Stay Focused at Work

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Great results, especially at your place of work, can only be achieved when one chooses to focus. However, staying focused in a world that is built on instant gratification can sometimes be more complicated than anticipated. Below are five ways you can maximize your workday by staying focused.

Switch Off Your Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone is probably the most derailing gadget you own. That said, you should find a way to keep your usage in check, especially when you are at work. One way of doing this is by simply switching it off during your working hours. Doing so might require a ton of self-discipline, but you’ll most certainly be more productive doing so, especially in the long-run. You could even try leaving it in your car, so that it is out of reach when you are tempted to play a game or check social media.

Use Modern Technology

With all the cool, new technology around us, it would be utterly absurd for you to not take advantage of it in your quest to regain focus at work. If you work from home, there are even more ways to get distracted, and one of those is visitors. By getting a doorbell camera installed, you don’t have to get up to answer the door. Instead, if a friend or family member drops by when you are engrossed in your work, you can review the video when you are free and contact them later.

Schedule Your Distractions

Nobody can be all work and no play all the time. Rather than trying to avoid distractions entirely, it would be a good idea for you to create time for your distractions. One way of doing this is by learning how to focus for an entire hour and then reward yourself by spending a bit of time on your phone, by taking a walk, or by talking to a colleague. Doing this is helpful because it’ll take off all the pressure of wanting to be distracted, leaving you with an easy time focusing on work.

Invest in A Good Pair of Headphones

Another easy way of staying focused at work is by investing in a good pair of headphones. Sometimes the reason you are finding it a bit hard to focus at work is because of all the noise that’s around you. Therefore, merely wearing your headphones will not only cancel all the unwanted noise out but will also give you the chance to listen to some motivating, or even calming music which may, in turn, give you the drive to work even harder.

Inform Your Colleagues About Your Decision

We all have that one colleague whose number one goal in life is to derail others. As much fun as that may be, it often causes us to lose focus and be less productive while at work. So, what do you do under such circumstances? The solution can be a bit challenging but rewarding. You can start by meeting with your colleagues and informing them about your goals to stay focused. If you do so in a non-condescending way, you won’t be seen as a party-pooper. Rather, your colleagues will respect your efforts and only distract you when necessary.


Staying focused at work isn’t as difficult as many make it seem. It all starts with making the deliberate decision to do so. Once you’ve done that, you can take the proper steps to set yourself up for success. Remember, just like all forms of self-improvement, it is going to take time to get used to. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you get distracted. It takes time to train your mind to focus, and you’ll get there eventually.

by: Dennis Hung

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