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How To Soft-Boil an Egg

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The perfect soft-boiled egg should have firm, custard-like whites and a warm runny yolk.

What You Need


1 – 4 large eggs (if cooking more eggs, work in batches)


Saucepan Slotted Spoon


1. Fill a saucepan about halfway with water and bring it to a boil.

2. Decrease the temperature so that the water reduces to a rapid simmer and gently lower the eggs into the water one at a time.

3. Cook the eggs for 5-7 minutes: 5 minutes for a yolk that is still runny and 7 minutes for a yolk that is barely set.

4. Drain the eggs and run them under cold tap water for 30-60 seconds.

5. To eat, use a knife or egg-cutter to take the cap off the tip of the egg and eat it straight from the shell, preferably with plenty of toast for dipping. More firmly-cooked eggs can be cracked (carefully!) and peeled like a hardboiled egg. All soft-boiled eggs should be cooked to order and eaten immediately.




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