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How to Relocate Your Business and Keep Customers Happy

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Moving your business can be a hassle. There are so many things to worry about, such as where your new office is going to be, what to do with your belongings, and how to keep customers happy. It doesn’t have to be impossible however. Here’s how to have a successful move without making your best prospects mad:


Local citations are a key component in SEO. Specifically, SEO is about ranking higher in search engines. With physical businesses, your SEO is tied to your physical location. Google will actually give you better rankings based on your address.

For example, if someone is in a certain area, the businesses that will pop up if they google it on their phone are the ones in their near proximity. Be sure not to give customers the impression that you are in the old location. This can end up in them driving all the way to the wrong store just to see a sign over the door. While it has nothing to do with your business, they will still be left with a bad taste in their mouth. Overcome this hurdle by updating your listings with Google so you show up correctly.

Tell Your List

Letting your list know is one of the best things when you’re moving. Email marketing is all about keeping your customers updated. If you don’t have an email list already, you should start building one. It gives you a direct path of communication to your buyers. Instead of going through the news, you can simply update via a blast to all your customers. That will help eliminate a lot of the confusion. Imagine getting a new message from your favorite brand telling you they were changing their website. You would want to know wouldn’t you? The same concept applies to physical businesses.

Boost Sales With Empathy

If you want to make more sales with your move instead of losing them, you can do it. The key is empathy. Understand that moving is stressful for your customers not just you. However, you can use sales judo and take the negative energy and turn it into a positive. For example, have a giant moving sale. Offer a special discount the first weekend in your new location. That will serve two purposes: getting more revenue to pay for the move and also alerting people to your new location.

Go on Offense

Don’t sit idly by and let your customers miss out on your business. Instead of letting your employees move all the things in your current location, save time and money by hiring professionals. Luckily, today there are a lot of services to accomplish this. If you’re in Los Angeles a simple search for moving companies in LA will suffice. Maybe you are from San Antonio, just call San Antonio movers in the area. The point is you will be able to find quality professionals to help you with various aspects so you can focus on the things that really boost your brand.


Don’t miss the chance to learn from your move. You might find that certain processes can be improved that allow for a smoother transition in the future. Survey your employees and ask them what they think could be changed to have less stress going forward. They are often your best asset for figuring these things out.


Just because you moved doesn’t mean you have to vacate the old location. Get creative with your marketing. Consider working a deal with nearby vendors in your location to direct the customers to your new location. Even advertising a small space could be enough to capture the old traffic and redirect it.

Your loyal customers aren’t the ones you want to make angry. That’s one of the reasons moving can be so stressful in your business. Luckily, you don’t have to suffer losing customers because of it. If you use the five tips above, you’ll be smooth sailing in your new location.

by: Kevin Faber 

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