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How to Protect Your Business from Data Breach and Cyber Attacks

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Cyber attacks are growing at an astonishing rate, and company owners must implement the proper security measure to protect company data and its employees from breaches. In modern times, the integration and widespread use of technology is ushering in a higher demand for maximum cybersecurity measures to defend data. Consider some of these techniques to keep your business safer and more secure.

Educate Employees on Data Safety

Keeping both company and consumer data secure is the responsibility of the company and its employees. However, employees that fail to implement the appropriate security measures can leave a company and its customers vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Inc. reports that an astonishing number of employees have access to company data and proprietary information on their personal devices. This makes it fairly easy for an unscrupulous employee to transmit data to other sources even after they are fired or let go. In addition, a lost or stolen device or using their device over an unsecure internet connection can leave your company’s data on the table for hackers. MarketWatch reports that more than 1300 businesses have reported a data breach in the last year, and this number only reflect those instances that it was discovered. It is suspected that many more companies have experienced data breaches but did not know it, or did not report it to protect their reputation.

It is strongly recommended for companies to limit employee access to data remotely and via smartphones. Setting strict policies in place is essential for the protection of company data and collaborative software that is used as well. To add stronger protection, some businesses are forcing employees to completely wipe their phones upon leaving the company. Limiting the amount of employees who have access to certain levels of company data is fundamental.

Secure Your Email

Strong email security is more critical than ever as email has become a chief correspondence method that leads to the transmission of company documents, consumer transaction records, confidential designs, and other private company data. By encrypting every email, you can forge a higher level of protection for your business. Private servers are growing more popular as both citizens and company officials decide to add an additional layer of protection, especially to emails. Forbes declares that using a virtual private network (VPN) offers end to end encryption and provides higher security, safer data sharing, and guards files that are uploaded to email on a daily basis.

Use Exceptional Passwords

Poor passwords are often the result of many data breaches. Using strong well, designed passwords is one of the simplest ways that businesses can help to secure their data. Passwords that employees use should also be unique and not be in use on any other platform to produce a higher level of protection. The Wall Street Journal suggests that remote employees should have to use more than their username and password to gain access, but they should also use a token that displays a second password that frequently changes to prevent data breaches. If for any reason a password is obtained by an outside source, using a new one will cut off unwanted access if the hacker obtains the primary password of any manager, employee, or other member of the company. Changing default passwords immediately is essential anytime new company hardware or software is obtained.

Obtain Additional Forms of Onsite Security

Throughout your company premises, it is also important to secure server rooms, utilize surveillance systems, and use key cards to prevent theft of valuable hardware. Entrepreneur suggests that all computers and other data devices should be physically locked down to protect equipment, and using USB security keys and even hardware based encryption is wise. Installing firewalls is necessary to keep hackers out, and the proper protection against malware is advised to avoid dangerous viruses and lethal software that can collect precious company data.

Upgrade Regularly

Even if your business has all of the latest security software and tough-to-crack security suites, if your fail to make the necessary updates, your business can suddenly become vulnerable at any time. This is important to remember because there are all type of new viruses and other vicious malware emerging that can infect a company’s computer networks, software, or apps that are used to access any sort of sensitive data.

The Business Insider reports that many companies that reported security breaches were taken advantage of due to flaws in the payment system, leaving personal consumer information out in the open. To gain protection, companies using payment processing systems must valiantly obtain the proper upgrades to its systems to avoid data leaks now, and in the future.

Data remains one of the most valuable commodities on Earth, and extensive processes are necessary to maintain protection. Adding a solid shield around your company’s data is critical for the modern technological age. Without adequate protection, devastating losses of all kinds can occur. Identifying points of weaknesses and strengthening them is recommended to raise cybersecurity for your business.


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