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How to Promote Happiness in the Office

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By now, everyone knows that happy employees are better employees. But that doesn’t mean much if you aren’t sure how to make your employees happy. That’s why we’ve come up with a quick list of cheap and easy ways to make your employees happy.

Add some personality to the office.

Nothing says “you’re in prison, you can’t escape” like a bland, white, boxy office. Play with the layout, offer artwork, a fun whiteboard with dry erase markers, bold colors, plant life – anything to make the office seem lively and fun. Consult interior decorators or even a feng shui expert. Make your office stand out and feel energetic, happy, and fun.

Keep it open and flowing.

Humans are social creatures – even in our work. If you stuff as many cubicles as possible into a big open space and then seal off only the most important people with real rooms, it feels like a stuffy regime. Rather than opting for a simulated prison, open up the workspace. If you allow your employees to create their own boundaries in an interactive atmosphere, you will be shocked to see how much more closely they work. Your employees will quickly become a lively and dedicated team.

Create an awesome break room and put it to work.

Breaks and break rooms are a big issue. Some companies don’t have break rooms, some have boring break rooms, and some have break rooms that never get used because no one can afford to take breaks. But break rooms – and breaks – are essential to employee happiness.

Make sure that your employees are taking their breaks, and offer them a fun break room to truly get away from work. Whether you offer up free snacks and drinks or go all-out with ping pong and pool tables, make it fun and in no way related to work.

Give your employees some flexibility.

Here is an idea that takes a lot of thought and should be done only to your comfort level. You know what your office takes to work. Having said that, you should give your employees as much flexibility as is feasible. Whether this is offering morning and afternoon shifts and allowing employees to choose when they work – often when they will be most efficient and at their peak – is a great way to do this. You can also offer work-from-home days to new parents or creatives to really help alleviate stress and offer a feeling of freedom. However, really take this into consideration before decided to go with anything too new or extreme.

Halt all negativity before it takes root.

It may not seem like a big deal if one employee is chronically complaining about the job, but that sort of negativity spreads like a disease. If you find that someone is speaking negatively about the job or the company, address that person directly. It can even be appropriate to address it as a group. However, if that person chronically and continually complains and brings everyone down, it’s best to let that person go. They are likely to cause distress and disharmony throughout the whole office otherwise.

Encourage spontaneity.

Work is work. But when work becomes predictable, it becomes dull and employees will start to drag. That’s why it’s important to encourage spontaneity within the workplace. For example, you can round everyone up for meetings rather than scheduling them far in advance. You can also call for random breaks to let everyone cool off on stressful days, or randomly offer to take your employees on an outing. Keeping spontaneity alive in the workplace will help keep your employees happy – even on the toughest days.

Make it fun to be at work.

No matter how you’re feeling, no matter how stressed or sad, go to work with a hunger for fun and a happy attitude. Doing so will make everyone’s day brighter. Because if there’s one thing more contagious than negativity, it’s happiness. When you go into work with a positive, fun attitude, you encourage it in your employees. You can even incorporate email marketing agencies to help send out encouraging daily emails.

Toss in rewards for great performance and consider offering services like Daily Pay which can allow your employees to get paid as soon as they clock out, for a small fee. These sorts of things help to keep everyone happy and less stressed. When you keep your business well-maintained and your employees happy, you’ll find that your profits just keep rolling in.

by: Kevin Faber 

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