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How To Prevent Data Hacking On Your Website

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Cybercrime is a major problem that every website owner needs to consider. Data hacking is a threat that is particularly prevalent and could be incredibly damaging, whether this is a small business website or even a personal site. Data breaches need to be avoided at all costs, and, fortunately, there are some highly effective ways that you can protect your website and stop hackers from stealing your data or messing with your site.

Follow these steps to help fight the war on cybercrime, to protect your website and for peace of mind knowing that your site is secure.

  • Keep Website Platform & Software Up To Date

Data breaches will often occur when the website platform or software is not kept up to date, with automated scripts trawling the internet looking for known website security issues in software. By keeping the platform and all the software updated, you can ensure that the latest protection is in place to stop hackers from gaining access.

  • Secure Passwords

It might sound obvious, but it is amazing how many people use easy-to-predict passwords, which can make it incredibly easy for hackers to gain access. Instead, you should be using random, complex passwords and changing these on a regular basis. It can be irritating having to come up with new passwords, but it is worth it in the long run.

  • Security Plugins

If you used a content management system (CMS) to build your website, then there will be security plugins available that can enhance the security and actively prevent attempts to hack your site.


HTTPS guarantees that nobody can intercept or change content that is in transit, which means that any page that starts with HTTPS is secure. This means that you need to invest in an SSL certificate, which will help to protect website data while also showing your visitors that you are a trustworthy and secure website (this is particularly important if your visitors need to enter any data, such as banking information for e-commerce stores).

  • Avoid File Uploads

If you allow visitors to upload files to your website, then you are putting yourself at risk. Many sites offer this, whether this is uploading documents for an accounting website or even changing a profile image in the forum. If you need to be able to have users upload files, you can protect yourself by creating a whitelist of allowed extensions, using file type verification and scanning files for malware.

  • Testing

Website testing specialists like can also help to enhance website security by testing for bugs and vulnerabilities, which could leave you open to hackers. Security testing from a specialist like this can help you to improve your website’s security and keep you reassured that you do not have any weak points that could be exposed.

Every website owner needs to consider cybersecurity and how they can protect their website against hackers. Data breaches are becoming increasingly more common and can be devastating for a website owner, so steps must be taken to enhance security. This will help to stop hackers in their tracks while also providing valuable peace of mind.


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