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How To Overcome Failures……

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Never be afraid to fall apart…Albeit for a little while. Because when you fall apart it is an opportunity from the Almighty to rebuild yourself the way you wanted to be all your life. To get rid of your habits that you did not want in you and to add the habits you always wanted in you. Do not ever be afraid to fail, because failure will teach you the importance of success and it will teach you lessons that Success could have never taught you. Success is euphoric and when your mind is in the state of euphoria, it wants MORE of what you are having, and it gets in the habit of wanting more and more. When you are successful, your mind wants more of success and it is frozen in the wanting mode, it is rarely learning meaningful lessons. If you have a Mercedes, it wants a Bentley, When you have a Bentley, it wants a Private Plane, Once you get a Private Plane… It wants….And the list goes on and on.

But when you have failed in something temporarily, it is a painful experience. And the way human mind works, it detests pain. It does not like pain. It wants to avoid pain so it immediately goes int a Protective Mode, it goes into a mode where it is looking for ways to get out of the painful state and wants to learn ways how to avoid experiencing that pain again. Thus it is willing to learn to protect itself from experiencing pain the future. What you learn while you are in pain will guide you for the rest of your life IF you are willing to practice it when you are successful again. Success is a natural phenomena. You are not put on this earth to suffer. You are put on this earth to enjoy your life, to benefit others, to help yourself and to help the less fortunate. And help is not only monetary help.. People confuse help with money…money is just one way of helping others. Looking at someone and greeting them with a smile is also helping them… helping them feel better about themselves. Helping them feel welcomed.

Do not ever be afraid to explore your inner self. To really get to know who you are. What your strengths are and what your weaknesses are because without knowing where you need improvement in yourself, how can you get better. The biggest problem becomes that when you see a side of you that you do not like, never go into denial… Do not say to yourself that no this is not me, admit to yourself immediately that ok, I have this bad side in me, I dont like it, I do not want it, thank You Allah for pointing it out, Making me realize that this bad side needs to be gotten rid of, and immediately go to work on getting rid of that side. Do not ever be afraid to live differently than others, the way your heart desires. Conforming to the society has never brought any happiness to any individual. Do not get confused about conforming and being a rebel against the society. I am not suggesting you become a Rebel… I am asking you to respect the norms of society and after showing respect, be a person of your choice who can benefit the society.

Always count your blessings, not your problems. Whatever you concentrate on will multiply. If you concentrate on your problems, your problems will multiply. And Vice Versa. Everything does happen for a reason but the most difficult thing to do in life is to wait and witness those reasons. People very easily say that everything happens for a reason but they get depressed right after saying that instead of being happy because if you know that something happened for a reason and you believe that the reason was for your own betterment, then celebrate that happening.

By: Mir Mohammad AliKhan

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