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How to measure how well you engage your online audience and its benefits

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When it comes to online presence, it is not all about gaining an online audience; it is about engaging and retaining the audience. Its characteristics are similar to a normal business. You do not want to have just one-time customers; you want customers who come back for more. It is all about learning how to gain and retain an online audience. Doing so ensures that you have many clients and even better potential clients who visit your site.

How to measure engagement

Measuring how well you engage your audience is important. Otherwise, you may never know whether your strategy is working or not. You might be wasting your time online without appreciating that maybe you need to improve in some areas. Online success can be achieved through patience an
d hard work.

Time spent on your pages

One way to do it is to measure the amount of time spent on your web pages. This should not be ignored. Most search engines like google have tools that can measure time spent on your pages. People make the mistake of thinking that it is just about gaining an audience. Your pages could be famous but if people don’t really spend time reading your content, you might not be doing as well as you think.

The best way to keep clients on your pages is by providing new and fresh content every day. And no, we are not talking about your service, you need interesting content that relates to your business. Take Forrent for example, they understand this principle. Apart from their normal services, they also include interesting content.

Measure conversions

In almost all your web pages, include a call to action button. It can be a simple like button or share button under your content. You can tell how well you engage your audience by taking note of how many visitors take the action you recommended. This is easily done on social media pages. The more likes and shares you get, the better your engagement. This means that whatever you are doing is working.

A website like Course Hero allows users to engage with one another by sharing learning materials. The page administrators can know how well they engage the clients by how much sharing goes on. This is a simple process. Just don’t let your website be ‘dead’ is a sense. Allow interaction that can show you how well you engage your audience.

Allow clients to offer reviews and comments

This is a deeper level of engagement. If someone is willing to leave a comment or a review on your products or content, it means you are successful at engaging them. The more comments and reviews you get, the better. The reviews don’t have to be all good. Even poor reviews can help you to improve in that area. This can help you gain more clients as they see that you consider their input.

Rate of audience growth

When you have a wide and highly engaged audience, your website will gain popularity. This may be as a result of your existing audience recommending or referring their friends to your website. This is a good thing because the referrals bring people who are guaranteed to like your website because their friends do. This then translates to the growth of your audience or followers. You can easily tell how engaging your site is by how much your audience grows. A bigger audience means a better business.

For every marketing strategy you make, you need to know whether it is working or not. It is not about how many people see it, it is about how many people respond to it. This is the only way your business can be profitable online. The measure of online success is conversions. You can make this possible by delivering fresh content after knowing what works for your audience. Keep them engaged.


by: Lee Flynn

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