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How to Know Which Employees Are a Good Fit for Your Small Business

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Successful entrepreneurs always state that the best way to make sure that your customers are treated right is not by supervising operations, but by hiring the right employees. However, if you have been through recruitment processes, you understand that there are thousands of candidates who will be jostling for the same job you advertise for and when the academic qualifications are similar, it becomes a little challenging to pick the person perfectly fit for the job. Successful HR managers also state that you should hire character because skills can be learned. Here are a few tips that will help you differentiate between an excellent candidate and a perfectly fitted candidate for the job.

Employees that align with your business vision and mission

Every business has a vision and mission. The success of your business will depend on among other things, the ability of the employees to align with your goals, vision and mission. When your employees are aligned with the overarching goal of the business, it will be easy to create a positive workplace culture, leverage internal brand love and have your employees as the first brand ambassadors. When you hire people, who are not aligned with your brand vision, their interaction with clients will tell that they would rather be somewhere else, which will translate in reduced productivity. When performing the interview, find out how much a candidate has bothered to find out about your business and ask them why they want to work with your company. This will help you figure out those being driven by the salary and those that could develop brand passion and align with your goals.

Readiness to learn

The other quality that you need to look for in an employee for a small business is their attitude towards learning new things. When interacting with top resume writers to get a candidate shortlist, consider this quality over all others. You do not want to be the employer dealing with that one person who does not believe that there is another way of doing things except their way. Pick someone who understands that there is still a lot they need to learn. This will be a better employee than the experienced but arrogant candidate.

Willingness to accept responsibility

The other quality that is a must have for employees of a startup is the willingness to take responsibility. As the business grows, that person who is currently working as the only person in the IT department will most probably be the IT manager, the communications executive will be the communications and marketing manager and so on. Therefore, do not hire a person who simply fits the role they are being hired for, take time and assess the candidate who seems like they could grow into positions of bigger responsibility.


If you have the type of business where your employees will be directly dealing with clients daily, you will need to hire people who are easy to like. First, the new employee should mesh well with the co-workers and be a team player. Second, they will need to make the customers feel like their problems are being handled and that they are important. Then, the person should have ambition. Try asking the simple question, ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’. The answer that they give will help you figure out whether you are employing a life-plan kind of employee, who will incorporate your business goals and make sure they are met or a go with the flow employee who might not help with business growth.

Other qualities that are great in an employee include people who are confident about their unique qualities and are willing to take both praise and criticism in stride. Employees who are highly skilled at multitasking are also awesome because they will help get a lot of things done within a short time. With these tips at hand, you will get the employee who inspires business growth and is worth their salary.


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