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How to easily convert a MKV to MP4 Online

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Convert an MKV to MP4 with UniConverter
The multitude of video formats available on the market can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you do not know how to switch from one to another, know that there are video converters very powerful. We will present you UniConverter and explain how to easily convert a MKV to MP4. But before talking about the software, you should know how the video converter works.

How does a video converter work?

There are different types of converters. The simplest are those that allow us to add the file to convert, select the format in question, codec and press the button to start the process. We also have other more advanced tools that allow us to manipulate values such as bitrate, aspect ratio, improve image quality and sound. Nowadays it is not necessary to opt for tools like the second one, and the simplest ones can do everything we want and more.
Before converting a video, for example, MKV to MP4, make sure that…

– It plays correctly (the problem may not be the device that is not compatible, but the file may be corrupted).
– The converter must be compatible with the file you want to convert.
– The conversion time will be increased depending on the duration of the file and the final quality of it.

Be patient: A good conversion can take much longer than you think.

What is UniConverter?

UniConverter is a program offered by Wondershare. This is a program whose primary purpose is to convert videos into different formats. But it does not do that: UniConverter also allows you to edit videos, burn them to external media, add metadata to files and even compress them if needed.

A real Swiss army knife, the strength of UniConverter is in the multitude of formats that the software knows how to handle, more than 1,000 according to the editor. Difficult to catch him off guard especially since he also knows how to take care of audio conversion if necessary.

How to use UniConverter?

We will now explain how to use UniConverter to convert a MKV file to MP4. After installing UniConverter, open the software. You will come to the homepage of the program. In the center, you have the icon of a folder, click on it and select your video to convert (the one in MKV format).


The video appears in the software interface. On the left you have the information on the starting file. On the right, click the information in the outgoing file to edit them. Select “MP4” for the output format. You can also change the resolution and the destination folder.

When everything is ready, all you have to do is click on “convert” and let the software do its work. You can find your new video in MP4 format in the output folder you have selected.

What if I do not want to download the software?

If you need a video converter but do not want to download additional software or you are not on your computer, please note that Wondershare offers an online service available at this address. Online UniConverter can convert a video or audio file in minutes and very easily. The supported formats are quite numerous and the service is even able to manage batch files.

UniConverter: is available on both PC and Mac. A trial version is offered by Wondershare with some limitations. As for the online tool, it is accessible from any browser connected to the internet.

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