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How to Build Your Business from the Bottom Up

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Starting a business from the ground up takes three things, which include creativity, capital, and a killer idea. Entrepreneurs often have all these resources, but they lack the tenacity and patience to guide their ventures to success. A few financial struggles, account losses, and obstacles are enough for an aspiring entrepreneur to give up on a startup. The early stages of running a first solo venture can be overwhelming. However, entrepreneurs can implement specific strategies to keep themselves determined, motivated, and on track to guide their business to success. These are a few tried and tested approach for starting a successful venture from the bottom up.

Business Plan

One of the requirements for starting a business is a working business plan. It is the one that will guide the owner as the enterprise progresses, and give potential partners and investors a detailed map of its goals. Your business plan should include sections such as company culture, financial projections, sales and marketing strategies, market analysis, and an executive summary. After all, it costs nothing to put your brainstormed ideas into paper. Creating a business plan will help cement these insights into the mind of the investor.


Entrepreneurs have to back their killer ideas with a foundation and backbone. However, business owners have to articulate their foundation and backbone to potential associates and investors. Brainstorming involves thinking about every aspect of the business plan including marketing strategies, goals, competition, and target audience. Brainstorming all business aspects gives an aspiring entrepreneur a real picture of their venture and paints a picture for the potential associates and investors as well. Prospective investors are less likely to invest in your idea if they don’t see potential in you as an innovator or business leader. An innovator who can’t brainstorm and answer the hard questions won’t find someone to sell his or her ideas.

Brand Awareness

One of the essential business growth strategies is marketing. It is also a business area that entrepreneurs often skimp on or forget. Growing awareness of your business is the only way to drive it to success. The best way to achieve this is to implement marketing strategies outlined in the business plan. Create a LinkedIn page, Twitter profile, Facebook page, Google+ account, and set up trade shows to increase the awareness of your brand. Never estimate the power of marketing through employee referrals because it can make a significant difference. As such, it is time for aspiring entrepreneurs to know what is an employee referral and how they can utilize it to increase their brand awareness.


Of course, every business needs funds to operate. It could be supplies, printer, laptop, or offices. Business owners have to find out the necessities of their ventures and invest in them. No matter how small an investment is, its owner still wants to compete with the top brands. Startup owners often make the mistake of delivering their customers’ lackluster products as they wait to purchase more resources and expand.

Define Your Goals

Of course, every business starts for a reason. Entrepreneurs have to set goals for the future of their enterprises as they are the ones that will propel them to success. Starting a business from scratch is an adorable idea, but aspiring entrepreneurs should never let feelings of being unprepared and overwhelmed stop them from pursuing their business goals.

Hire Professionals

Over time, business growth will create the need for hiring professionals such as a commercial attorney, accountant, secretary, or receptionist. While an entrepreneur can keep track of the finances in the first few weeks or months, the need for a financial expert will arise as the company grows. A legal problem with compliance and finances is one of the worst obstacles that a new company can face. Starting a business from scratch is no joke, let alone a successful one. With the guidance of an expert, there are plenty of things that an aspiring entrepreneur can do to get their business off the ground. Entrepreneurs should never take pride in themselves as they can take pride in their work as well.

by: Dennis Hung

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