by Aimon Tanvir Malghani

God is Green, Men are Grey

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One of the notorious features of us human beings, is our incredible talent of challenging there as on of existence of things. Men have always been doing it; questioning each and every thing that occurs around them. Further, they have been manipulating and exploiting things for their own benefit and to raise their own standard of living. God created this earth and made blue waters flow through the lush green valleys. He created heaven to protect us from the harm of the outside world and what did we do? We ruthlessly raped Nature and turned it to large grey structures. Water through these grey structures does not run crystal blue; it is muddy brown now and the heaven created for our protection has been turned into some sort of net through which things pass, making us regret what we have done so far.

Some people argue that it’s not their fault if the greens have been turned into grey. I totally reject that idea. If you have done something wrong, you must own it as you own the good things about you. Yes! We were wrong and we are still wrong when we feel happy and proud sitting in air conditioned rooms of huge buildings and think of improving our life style in maximum possible ways. We are wrong when we build small houses with no plants at all in the yards and mostly back-yards are missing. I admit that  housing is getting to be a much bigger issue than any one imagined fifteen years ago but that does not mean that people should build small houses with no passage for fresh air at all. There is also another interesting aspect; from where will  this fresh air be coming? Of course it will be coming neither from the chimneys of ever expanding industries nor from the houses in the vicinity. What? From trees? Seems funny! Where will that much trees come from to fulfill  needs of almost 7million people when we have already cut them.

The problem is not as simply as it may seem. It has been deeply rooted  since centuries. It is not the problem of this generation only, it has  evolved and been  nourished like some particle of mud in the oyster shell; layers upon layers through the years. But it won’t be as beautiful and pure as the pearl in the oyster because that is natural and this is anthropogenic.


By:  Aimon Tanvir Malghani


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