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Giant $1m robot exhibited in Japan as thousands of orders roll in

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A 13ft (4m) limited edition robot that can be operated via smartphone has been exhibited in Japan, as its developer revealed more than 3,000 orders had been made.
Kuratas, which can also be operated by a pilot sitting in an inbuilt cockpit, is made to order with an array of customisable non-lethal weaponry, and also comes in 16 different colours.

The four-tonne (4,000kg) robot features a ‘smile shot’ system where a grin from a pilot can activate a cannon that fires up to 6,000 BB bullets a minute.

Iron claws and a rocket launcher firing missiles filled with compressed water are also available.

Kogoro Kurata, the creator of the robot, which was under development for two years, said orders had flooded in for Kuratas from across the world.

Mr Kurata is a well-known artist specialising in iron installations with Kuratas officially classed as a work of art rather than a robot.

Anyone interested in purchasing Kuratas, recommended retail price $1million (£625,000) can visit the website of Suidobashi Heavy Industry Group.


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