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First city in Europe to have free Wi-Fi

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The Bulgarian city of Pazardzhik has the ambitions of becoming the first European town offering free wireless Internet to its citizens.

So far, 14 public places, including libraries and schools, have been chosen to offer open access for wireless internet without a required password. The service providers will be those to pay for the internet in public places, whereas the cost of internet in private places, such as bars and restaurants, will paid by the owners.

End users will have access to a free wireless connection. It is expected that the project’s implementation will start in the beginning of next year.

The municipality claims that after completion of the project, Pazardzhik will be the first city in Europe to have free Wi-Fi.

Ryan Heath, spokesperson of European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, Neelie Kroes, said that the European Commission welcomed all innovations to get Bulgarians connected to the Internet.

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