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Fashion Pakistan Week Day2: Zaheer Abbas comes out on top

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Making up for yesterday’s relatively uninspired shows, day 2 at TFPW was a high-energy affair that saw a few flashes of genius on the ramp.

Zaheer Abbas was the best of the night but there were several collections with merit.

Amir Adnan kicked off the evening with his Shah Zadeh collection. The essentially ethnic collection featured prince coats and jackets layered over kurtas as well as sherwanis and waistcoats.

Amir Adnan's layered look.
Amir Adnan’s layered look.

Adnan’s double layered kurtas were particularly intriguing. He used principally earthy colours with jewel-like tones as accents. Opulent embroidery inspired by the Shah of Iran was used sparingly and with wit, for example as an embroidered tie. Adnan instead relied on rich silks and banarsi fabric to give his pieces a luxe feel. This was a colourful collection with crisp silhouettes and impeccable finishing, firmly aimed at the lucrative wedding market.

Amir Adnan's collection was definitely regal.
Amir Adnan’s collection was definitely regal.

Sanam Chaudri followed with an intricate formal collection that was full of delicious details. Her layered, draped cuts were complemented by rope like belts and embellished trousers. She used lace, cutwork, net and 3D embroidery to great effect in her pieces and her “desi chic” silhouettes were appealing.

Three looks from Sanam Chaudri's collection.
Three looks from Sanam Chaudri’s collection.

The last few pieces were more formal and figured jarring tones of oranges, pinks and crimson. While these latter pieces continued with the theme of cutwork and 3D embellishment, they threw off the balance of an otherwise beautiful, if busy, collection.

One of Sanam's last looks.
One of Sanam’s last looks.

Nevertheless, Sanam’s fresh, contemporary take on Eastern formals and her gorgeous detailing made this an interesting and bankable collection. Her embroidered trousers, in particular, will be coveted by many.

Jafferjees was next up and their collection was a wasted opportunity. Wardha Saleem and Nubain Ali put together some excellent outfits for the presentation using soft prints, solid colours and laser cut capes… see more

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