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Facebook Success Story: Wais Barakzai

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Wais Barakzai is a success story of Facebook, He started Facebook page in Afghanistan like country where its not easy to have good access to Internet, Now he has more than 200,000 members and they are increasing day by day and its slowly becoming a very informative plate forum for People of Afghanistan who are in different countries and for other people too know the real news about Afghanistan.

Facebook Page Wais Barakzai

Facebook Page Wais Barakzai

We talked to Wais  Barakzai online , here what he shared with us for his fans and readers :

1. Tell us something about your early age, schools and college life?.

I was born on 12-OCT-1990 in Nimruz province of Afghanistan. During the Taliban regime we left Afghanistan and return back after US invasion. I completed my 12th grade School in Kabul and received Diploma in English language. Currently i am engaged with my Bachelor degree in Business Administration, whichi am expecting to be gradated after a semester.  I am working as Executive Assistance to Member Parliament of Afghanistan.

2. When you think to go on facebooking and make a page, what was the basic idea or purpose to making a fan page on Facebook?.

In 2009 I start using Facebook and decide to make two pages one by name of Afghanistan and Wais Barakzai. The purpose was to show the best image of Afghanistan to the World via Facebook and aware the Facebook users who are out of Afghanistan. The updated was mostly about the latest news, event and images across Afghanistan

3. As we know in Afghanistan not everyone has access to net, then how you crossed the 200000 fans on your page?.

Afghanistan with the population of 34million while 5 million of them are residence of Kabul, while other capital cities such as Herat, Mazar, Jalalabad, and Kandahar have the maximum population of 3 million each. Knowingly, not all of them have access to internet, but out of this much population in the cities, a good number of population have access to internet. Though, Facebook have been a common hobby for internet surfer in Afghanistan, and i still i have not been able to attract all the Facebook users to like my page. Though, i do have “Likes” in my Facebook from Pakistan, India, Iran, US, and other countries around the globe.

4. You are also doing job, then how you give time to your online activities because now you have more than 200000 people ?

Facebook has been one of my best friend so far with which i spent all my spare time. I, being an Afghan love to share a post and photo/video about Afghanistan.  The feedback/comments and views have always encouraged me to spend most of my spare time in Facebook, even though, Facebook does not waste more than 2 mint to post in my page.

5. Now you alone managing the page or you have now a team of friends to help you to feed the news and other stuff for your followers?.

I manage my page by myself.

6. We went through your page and its so diverse when it comes to information that you have on your page how you collect all these good stuff for your readers?.

Being a good and active page in Afghanistan, 50% of my posts are inboxed by my followers while,i still give credit to them and am thankful to them. Being engaged with in Facebook, most of other information’s are browsed and i choose the one which can engage my followers the most.

7. What kind of response you receive from your fans when they come to know that you are the mind behind all this?.

I have been threatened many time by my post from the anti-government groups, though, i have always been appreciated by my friends and encouraged for what i do. Their encouragement has always energised me spell out about the truth, and continue about what i do.

8. What is your plan for future for your page which followers are increasing daily.?

I do not have any specific plan. Though, i always try to raise my voice for unity, peace and democracy, a good example would be the campaign against the wrong mentality about “39”.

9. Social media is becoming a very strong medium to send your message easily through , you think in Afghanistan people and specially younger generation who has access to this medium understand the importance of this power?.

I being one of the person who is engaged the most in Social Media, truly understand this issue, and most of the feedback comes from the youth between 18-26, and youth of this generation are quite motivated and welling to contribute to my page about a good cause.

10. How many people on your fan page know you personally?.

I have around 500 people in my Facebook who knows me personally from my work, family, friends and classmate. Though i hardly disclose my identity to most of the people.

11. Is there is any restriction or spying in Afghanistan on social media activities as we see in many other countries?.

I haven’t been faced yet. Therefore, i believe there is not much spying in Afghanistan on Social Media specially if you are taking steps for a good cause.

12.  How you see the social media future and its usage in Afghanistan in coming days?.

I believe, Social Media is playing the major and prompt role in Afghanistan, and the users have always access to social media, websites via computer, mobile phone, cellar network SMS.  The election would be a very hot topic in the social media of Afghanistan. Thought, the importance of the social media will be increased promptly in coming months.

13. Mostly young people waste their time on such social networking sites, what advice you will give them or how your fan page can train or training your followers that they take advantage of this medium?.

My advise to social media users would be to speak about a good cause, and to raise their voice for a good cause. This would help each other for a good and bright Afghanistan. I always encourage my friends and followers for a united Afghanistan and stop the racism which has ruined Afghanistan since today. This is the time to rebuild a Peaceful Afghanistan, and its the job of the current generation with the vast facilities of the social media, as the platform is available.

14. Tell us about Afghanistan political condition, how as a common and well informed person you are seeing the condition now and after when American and NATO forces will leave the country?.

Afghanistan has been used a battle field in the last decades. Though, Afghanistan was a peaceful and strongest country in the region. its also well-known that “History Repeats Itself” but to repeat this part of the history, we, the Afghans should take initial steps for making it. The poetical condition is emerging with the economical conditions in Afghanistan, since one last decades, the lifestyle and education level of Afghans have been improved enormously, though, this part has never been given importance by the Afghan and international Media.

Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) has been improved well, which i still remember the start of ANSF was from 1600 force in 2002. The current and major achievement in the capital and national level have ensured for a secure Afghanistan after the NATO withdrawal. Though, ANSF does require lots of assistance to meet the international standards both logistically and training wise. Though, the NATO have provide some, but this would require further assistance to have a secure Afghanistan by ANSF.

I, being an Afghan, understand the transitional period, and Afghanistan has to pass through this process, either in 2014 or 2050. We would never been able to stand on over own feet unless we don’t try. Therefore, we have to face this period, while prior to it, the international community has to assist in Afghanistan for the industrial development. Unless none of industry has been developed and assisted to be developed by International Community. The only hope which makes my mind for a peaceful Afghanistan is our mineral sector.

15. Your message for your readers and fans?.

Work hard for the unity of Afghanistan and stop the racism, we are all brothers and sisters of the same humanity, and we have to make the history repeat for a strong and peaceful Afghanistan.



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