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Facebook Success story: Maurício Ramos Fonseca

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Maurício Ramos Fonseca is the head behind one of active page of facebook “Global Informer” we talk to him about his life and experiences and about Global Informer, here we are sharing what he said :

1. Please tell us about  yourself, your education, your lifestyle, line of interest, etc.

Hi, my name is Maurício Ramos Fonseca, I was born in São Paulo Brazil, largest city in Latin America. I have a graduation in Communication Sciences and Branding Design. I used to work for marketing and advertisement agencies, besides web journalism. I also worked by myself as video maker, something between video art, photography and documentary, only for fun and wasted my time. My personal interests are social sciences, sociology and anthropology studies.

2. “GLOBAL INFORMER”… very  appropriate name of blog/web & FB page, as it really is informative… can you share with our readers your inspiration and aspirations?

My inspiration to launch Global Informer  as a Facebook page in 2011 was the popular movement that was happening in Middle East and Europe. Basically I had a blog and a fanzine printed in paper that addressed the same topics as the Facebook page used to do, reaching few people. The social media allowed me to talk with dozens of people quickly.

3. What derived you to create  your highly successful Facebook page?

I believe the diversity of pictures  was responsible to give an engagement boost  and also, open mind pages network contributed to exchange followers. However isn´t working anymore because the Post Restriction. We are able to reach only 2% of total followers, a small fraction, months ago this fraction used to be 16%. Now Facebook it´s only about money and profits.  This site gave us the power of global communication, and it seems Mark Zuckenberg is sorry about what he created.

Global Informer Facebook Page

Global Informer Facebook Page

4. How do you keep your followers/fans to stick to you?

No special tactics. Just keeping the diversity – breaking news, culture, arts, human right stories, literature, History.

5. Among the topics that you are sharing with your followers, which ones are commonly having good feedbacks?

I believe people enjoy History pictures, unknown facts. Besides “memes” and quotes are very popular on Facebook, have a great engagement power, in particular sarcasm.

6.Have you encountered receiving offensive comments against the content of your post? If yes, how you handle it?

Some topics provoke hatred opinions. An example posts addressing Israel and Palestine or sciences versus religion, etc. My behavior was never block or delete messages, but I usually don´t reply for offensive words.

7. Do you manage your social media projects alone or you have back-up of efficient professionals like you, to  always be on top of the scenes/situations plus the never ending  ideas?

Yes, I do by myself, but also have some other admins and contributors from USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Middle East.

8.How do you keep up with the powerful media technology?

Mainstream media has money and political connections. We can´t opposite them working in the same level, having the same actions. The difference that will make the difference from now to the future is Creativity. First of all we need to break this ” News feed” slavery that we´re facing nowadays. It requires  a huge data production in order to keep the audience. It´s bad for readers, bad for journalism. We can´t absorb this data stream transmission. Our brain needs a break.

José Saramago portuguese novelist before his passing said about twitter such a “return to the grunts”. We must improve our social communications, we have technologies, however just need to adjust the content delivery concerning quality and relevance.

9. How do you determine the news or topics or text to be shared? Is it by personal intuition that they will like it or you just “test the waters” if it will be a hit or miss?

The tendency is follow what I like to read, usually sciences and History, but it´s essential to post the breaking news. We can´t ignore global news, such as some atrocities  happening in Syria, for example, Africa, etc. And also, environment tragedies and human right stories. To give a break, Positive quotes, cartoons,  or comics, they speak a lot, it works very well.

10.What is/are your favorite topic(s) to be shared with your followers, and why?

Definitely it´s History. I have a passion or curiosity to know about the past.

The page has two special photo albums – Historical People and Historical facts, I usually research to post interesting history stories and pictures via  web sites and books, believe or not I still working with books, and I love it. Nothing better than black and white Photographs, telling us the culture, the behavior centuries ago. There are great sources available such as Universities, private collections, Foundations, etc.

There was some successful posts such as an 106 old armenian woman  sits in front of her home guarding it with a rifle, in the village of Degh, near the border of Azerbaijan. This photo got more than 3,000 shares and more than 100,000 views. We also posted lots of photo collections from WW I and WW II, portraits from the 1900´s. I really love to find and share those pictures.

We have another album called “What Wonderful World”, only for Nature and racial ethnical diversity – collections from amazing professionals. Awesome shots presenting different animals, trees, places, cities, people all over the planet.

11. Is your Website/FB page just your hobby or full time career?

Only my hobby, my pastime, I don´t make any money from Global Informer.

12. Any immediate plans or future plans for your projects?

yes, I´d to launch a digital magazine for tablets, focusing in Photo Journalism. But it´s hard to build something like this in the age of Social Media Mass communication. Just some ideas. I was working in App for iPad, but without successful at the moment. Besides, need a lot of money, and I don´t have it.

The intention would be work less for Facebook, create new stuff outside the social media platforms. Last 6 months Independent Pages are declining. It´s a coincidence or not, Facebook implemented a new algorithm, according to the site ,  would improve the NewsFeed users, meantime some bloggers reported an offensive  against “Memes”, the site is penalizing “crap posts”, is what they said, consequently pages that share memes would have  post restriction.

Frankly nobody believed in that story, many pages were targeted, these pages used to have a focus on political pictures, and a opposite speech against the Big Media and the relation between Government and corporations. Facebook works to benefit mainstream media and huge pages with big potential to monetize.

13. What advice can you give  to those beginners who want to follow your footsteps?

I´d recommend you do something else, beyond Facebook. However if you´re really interested to have a page, choose one topic, and focus on it. Diversity is no longer a good advice (strategy) on Facebook to build your community and get engagement.

14. How would you like to be remembered?

I have no idea, I do my best. I try to do the right. That is it.

15. Your message for fans and readers ?

Be unique, be creative as much you can, like Samuel Beckett my favorite playwriter said in his book “The Unnamable

Perhaps it’s done already, perhaps they have said me already, perhaps they have carried me to the threshold of my story, before the door that opens on my story, that would surprise me, if it opens, it will be I, it will be the silence, where I am, I don’t know, I’ll never know, in the silence you don’t know, you must go on, I can’t go on, I’ll go on.”



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