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Facebook Success Story “Learning English Online” – Faiq Mahmudov

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We talked to Faiq Mamudov  the  man behind the  amazing page ” Learning English Online ” this page will let you know how to Learn English and ways of learning English Online, English Grammar, Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases and Learning English Online is one of  the biggest page of Language learning on Facebook.

1. Please tell us about yourself, your educational background?

Hello, interviewer and readers. My name is Faiq Mahmudov, 26 years old, living in Azerbaijan, Baku. I’ve graduated two universities in my country, Azerbaijan University of Languages, faculty of Linguistics and Baku Slavic University, faculty of Translation. I know English, Russian, Turkish and Polish languages.

2. Your FB page, “Learn English Online” is very interesting and informative… how did you come up with that idea?

Yes, within 2 years Learn English Online became more popular in the world, because English is most needed and most used language in the world. People knowing me as a translator often used to ask me something related to English language and I used to enjoy helping them, in this way I decided to create Facebook fan page and help my friends online. I created page and almost in Azerbaijani and English I used to use while writing. After some month I saw that not only local people (from Azerbaijan) but also foreign users also come and interested in page, posts. So, because of this reason I began to use only English. Now about 1.200.000 people like Learn English Online, and weekly 9.500.000 people see the post of page. I share 2 or 3 Grammar posts, 3-4 posts teaching new words, quotes, short stories, important news briefings and sometimes English idioms and jokes to help people improve their English.

3. You are a teacher by profession or you just started it as a hobby?

Actually I have 2 specialties: Translation and Linguistics. And at present I work as a translator/interpreter at advanced news agency in Azerbaijan, but I am keen on teaching English, helping people and because of it I created this page.

4. Do you have your team to run this page or you just manage it alone?

During first year I was only administrator at page but then lack of time I decided to appoint new administrator. Now we are two on page.

Number #1  Learn English Online

Number #1 Learn English Online

5. Can you explain for our readers that what is the method you use to teach some on English online?

As you know, we can only teach online and because of this we try to use the easiest ways to teach users of page. We help people to speak, improve communication skills. The best way to improve spoken English is to have casual conversations as often as possible on everyday topics. Here are a few ways to do that: Make friends in our learning community. Come into our live conversation classes. Find a place to meet native English speakers online. And we have Skype Conversation Club with the participation of native speakers.

6. Its free of cost or you charge something for your online courses?

Everything on our page is free of charge. All, who wants may join our page and use materials and ask their questions and we are always ready to help.

7. You only teach people online or you have on ground too some kind of Center where you teach people in traditional way I mean in class rooms?

As Learn English Online – we only teach ONLINE, but if someone want by traditional way, I advice them some courses or teachers. Unfortunately I do not have time to teach by traditional way.

8. Social media as we know is very powerful medium and billions of people use these sites daily, how its affecting our way of learning or teaching, you every try to analyze its advantages or disadvantages when it comes to teaching ?

In modern world people prefers social media more than TV, radio or newspapers. Because it’s more quickly way of getting information or learning something. Searching some grammar from books or finding a teacher and asking their questions take much time than entering Learn English Online and asking them to me. For learning something deeply traditional ways are more effective but for learning just some few things social media is more effective.

9. You only teach English or other languages too or have to start teaching other languages also ?

On Learn English Online I teach only English, but when someone ask me, I teach Russian, Turkish and Polish languages, too.

10. Distance learning System is very known in whole country and there are many famous universities and international organizations offer distance learning courses but there is a common argument that people do not take it serious, what is your experience because your system of teaching is also a kind of distance learning system?

Yes, I agree with you on this point of view, people don’t take distance education serious. I think it is new type and because of it people don’t accept serious. At the beginning nothing is taken serious, after time and time when people see the advantage of it, they take it serious. For example, when I create Learn English Online, my friends used to say me that “Come on man, nobody will use your page, there are thousands books, teachers at schools, universities, people who want to learn English will use them”. But now, as you see. More than 1.200.000 people use Learn English ONLINE.

11. You have huge followers, congratulations! Do you have personal contact with majority of them or you became known by word of mouth and referrals?

Thank you so much, I am glad that the page is useful and people appreciate it. It is impossible to have personal contact with majority of them, but people who want to have personal contacts with me I have private Facebook account, e-mail address, Skype account and mobile phone numbers on “about” of page, they may contact with me. But I know most active users by their name.

12. Where you want to take your page in future?

At present my page is the biggest page in the world in this sphere, and I will try to do my best that Learn English Online to remain on user’s mind as “FIRST AID” on learning English. I mean, when they want to learn something, they have to believe that if they ask me, I will immediately answer and explain them what they want. In the near future, our readers will use our website, now our IT works on it.

13. What you do in free time?

When I have free time, I watch movies and read books. My weekly “life ration” consists of 4-5 movies and 1-2 books and as you know, posting on Learn English Online.

14. What are your future plans?

My near future plans on the direction of teaching English, is to establish traditional English Teaching Course in my city as an office of Learn English.

15. Your message to our readers?

– Always I write on Learn English Online, and now I would like to say readers that don’t be shy when you write or speak in foreign language. It is your superiority that you know something in foreign language. Try to speak, gradually, making mistake you will learn perfectly. Einstein, Albert says anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Do not hesitate to make mistake. Today’s mistake is tomorrow’s success. Wish all of you success on learning foreign languages. There is a saying: the more languages you speak, the more times you are a human being.

Dear Interviewer, I am thankful to you and your editorial office that created an opportunity for me to express my opinion, God Bless all of you.

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