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Facebook success story: Himanshu Nagpal

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1. Tell us about yourself ?

My name is Himanshu Nagpal(Ansh), I am a Delhi(India) based guy. I completed my schooling from CBSE (Delhi,India). Currently I’m BCA final- year student at Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi, India. I’ll soon be a graduate . I am a social media buff and love interacting with people of different kinds

2. What is world wide boxoffice ?

World wide boxoffice- it is a bridge between bollywood and the audience. On my website and page world wide boxoffice one can get bollywood upadates, gossips, reviews, details of  bollywood’s upcoming projects and much more. It provides all the details from the trailer to the overall collections. Our main focus is to spread awareness about latest Bollywood happenings among all our page members

3. When you planned to start this page ?

I have interest in bollywood collections, gossips, catfights and so on, So I had a plan to create a platform for all these stuff and finally on 15th April 2012, I created Worldwide Boxoffice.

4. You started alone or some of your friends helped you too ?

I started it alone, I researched a lot for this and WorldWide Box Office is the result of same.

5. where you get your facts and figures about movies business ?

There are many sources for these stuffs,  I get it from different critics like Komal Natha, Taran Adarsh and BOI,  Mostly I follow Taran Adarsh  and  found his reviews realistic.

Worldwide Boxoffice

Worldwide Boxoffice

6. You only share the news and updates about Indian movies or Hollywood movies too ?

WorldWide Boxoffice is not only for Bollywood,  It has Hollywood’s updates, facts and figures too.

7. We are seeing the news about the movie star scandals and their professional conflicts, you try to know that either they are real too or just they want to live in media through these scandals?

I feel around 80-90% controversies are real,  A tongue-in-cheek remark, a social faux pas or even a deliberate attempt to create controversy  – Bollywood stars deli love to hog the limelight – even if it is for the wrong reasons.

8. You write movie reviews by yourself or you also share other writers reviews about movies ?

Mostly I write all the reviews myself but sometimes even my friends shows their interest to share their views so I welcome them. My page is different from other pages because the reviews are entirely written my me or my friends, copied articles are strictly not posted  and if they are, we give due credits to the writer of that article.

9. We all know social media is a powerful medium, can you tell us how much it can affect the movies box office business?

Nowadays every generation connects through social media. It has become the most powerful medium with which people are obsessed and influenced with.  Movie promotions too happen through social media platforms and people look at these mediums to see the reviews of latest movies. The kind of review and ratings a movie has got plays a great role on a person’s mind. It is kind of a deciding factor that whether he would like to spend his money on that movie or no. So yes, I feel social media plays a great role on the movies boxoffice business. It boosts up box office business. It is a direct source to connect youngsters.

10. Where you want to take your this page or this idea ?

Sky has no limit and so does the WorldWide Boxoffice. I want to take it so up high that even superstars follow my page and website. Stars, Directors, Producers all use it for their promotions and interviews.

11. You have any plan in future to share the news updates of other countries movies boxoffice business ?

Yeah sure, why not. If my page members shows interests to know about information about other country’s collections, then I am open to do that also.

12. Mostly teen agers waste their time on social networking sites, what you will give them advice that what they do when they come on these networking sites ?

True, many teenagers  get obsessed to it. Everything should be used in limits and you should rather utilize your time than wasting it by reading about knowledgeable stuffs and current happenings online.

13. What you do in your free time ?

I try to improvise my page whenever I get free time because improvisation and learning is never ending.

14. Your message for fans and readers ?

First of all, my readers and followers are my friends. Its them only who created They encourage me from time to time and that is the best part. I would like to call them my small family and I want to extend my family beyond the boundaries.
Fb- www.Facebook.Com/WorldwideBoxoffice

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