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Facebook Success Story: Muhammad Jumaa

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We Share Creativity,Arts And What makes you smile.

1. You are already a well known personality on Facebook… for the benefit of our readers, please tell us about yourself, your education, your lifestyle, line of interest, etc.

I’m Muhammad Jumaa from Jordan studying computer engineering [ 1st year] I’m 18 years old my interest is arts. everything about arts and I love art artists.

2. What does ”Facebook art” stands for ?

facebook art stand for everything creative created by people and nowadays I don’t publish any art work in my page but in few days sure I will.

3. Can you share with our readers your inspiration and aspirations?

Inspirations: Art things and quotes specially in quotes I have a quotes site
Aspirations:I am making a quotes site and it’s done but needs some developing things to let people share their arts, I think it’s a good step!

4. What drives you to create blog and your highly successful Facebook page?

Absolutely , nothing. The Bored time I decide to create the blog and I found it awesome and I’m on my way!

5. How do you keep your followers/fans to stick with you?

The good posts which belongs to the main category of my page, but Facebook pages going awful with the new update of Facebook . but i  avoid to do bad things on our page.

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6. Among the topics that you are sharing with your followers, which is commonly having good feedbacks?

Yes, thanks for this awesome question, in 15 Aug,2012 I develop a new trick of Facebook and it allow me to create a GIF Image it means a moving images on Facebook really awesome you can believe that i got 15,000 likes daily and more than 60,000 shares and 40,000 comments and thousands of pretty feedback but Facebook remove it now because of which my facebook is effecting.

7. Have you encountered receiving offensive comments against the content of your post? If yes, how you handle it?

YES, Because nothing successful without haters, and my haters not real people but the hackers who try to hack me everyday and that’s why I won’t give you my real picture according to security issue , SORRY!

8. Do you manage your social media projects alone or you have back-up of efficient professionals like you for the never ending ideas?

Social media projects? I don’t have any, or maybe because I can’t understand this Question.

9. Do you create your designs by yourself or just taking from other sources and edit?


10. How do you determine the topics or text to be shared? Is it by personal intuition that they will like it or you just “test the waters” if it will be a hit or miss?


11. What is/are your favorite topic(s) to be shared with your followers, and why?

SURE, It’s Quotes posts people love it!

12. Does your blog /Facebook page just your hobby or full time career?

Mmmmmm… 7hours a day! and yeah you can call it this page is my future and it will be my career yeah!.

13. You have more than 2 million fans, how many know you personally ?

Well, in about tab on that page I put my e-mail and phone! ☺

14. Any immediate plans or future plans for your project?

For sure, the website “YOOQUOTES.COM” Will be the new generation of sharing people’s creative arts ! wait for me!.

15. What can you advise to those beginners who want to follow your footsteps?

Mmmmm…work hard play hard, if you sleep 12 hours a day you can do nothing. I spent many hours and days to make that famous and famous!!

16. How would you like to be remembered?

This is perfect question , and I’m looking to correct the arabic reputation about our skills and how we really help people around the world and I’ll do it . you know BeHance Website ? Right I’m looking for it ! ☺

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