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Facebook Success Story : Aram T. Ahmed

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Aram is young student and he started his page alone t share the amazing pictures and now he has more than millions fans on his page…..

“Different for photo lovers , Amazing photos form around the world”

1. Tell us something about your early life, school/college?

My name is Aram T.ahmed , I was born in Dohuk Kurdistan of iraq, Kurdish national ,i’m 18 years old , and still  studying.

2. How and when you planned to lunch your page?

I started it only to pass my time on net, but slowly it become my hobby and my idea was to shared beautiful images with all, I started alone and nobody help me to creating this page.

3. Your page is full of amazing pictures, from where you get these images?

When i see beautiful pictures I always want to share with all, and often I search online through different sources and I make my own too and some time the members of my page also send me pictures from different countries.

4. Many pages specially Companies pay to increase their likes, You also pay someone to run facebook campaigns for your page?

No I never paid any thing to increase my likes to any one or for facebook campaigns to collect more likes.

5. All the images and content on your page you select and upload them or your fans also send you images?

Mostly  search and select myself but many time the page fans also contribute beautiful images on page too.

Amazing Photos in the World

6. You have large number of people on your page, there is any financial advantage you are also getting from these millions of followers?

No I have no financial advantage from my page and I never tried to get any financial benefit from it, I just only want to share amazing beautiful pictures with all, and I am student too so I often not find time to use other web sites , whenever I find time I use Facebook and I just see my page and do updates.

7. You know or done analysis that how many country, ages, or female and males members you have?

No I have no idea J but  I know I have fans from all over the world and male and females too.

8. What are your plans for your page for future?

I want to make my page more better and want to share more amazing and beautiful pictures.

9. How many people or admin  you have now to supervise and update your page?

No I am only running my page I have no one with me .

10. What you do in free time?

In free time I like to ready history books, watching football matches and I also do body budiling.

11. What is your message for your fans and readers?

My message to my readers/fans, is that , thanks for joining my page and I wish you all safe and happy life.

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Amazing Photos in the World


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