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Experience or Talent: Which One Prevails in Oman?

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Expats who’re looking forward to work in the Gulf will definitely find Oman’s history of dependence on foreign labor to quite an extent in various fields. While the skilled workers from distant lands have paved the way for a smooth transition into business culture, the country has also been highly supportive to the needs and talents of all expats harboring within its confines.

As of 2014, Oman had an expat count of around 1.76 million, constituting nearly 44% of its total population. Taking the same into account, one could easily judge the diversification and globalization this economy is undergoing, at present.



What Kinds of Jobs Can You Expect?

To state the truth, the Oman you knew 10 years earlier and the one right now has flipped completely. Though you might’ve heard from your seniors all that they witnessed in an upcoming economy, today the job market in Oman has become highly competitive.

Earlier it was just the required qualifications and skills that used to do the drill, but today the employer needs to be highly convinced that a local employee cannot fill the position as aptly as you can!

The most common job roles for foreign workers in the country often pertain to the oil, gas, medical, teaching, engineering, IT and real estate industries, without a doubt, the  country has seen an awful load of job vacancies during the past few years. But, the underlying thought is, what is it that counts? Experience or talent?



What is the Preferred Choice?

Of late, a number of companies in Oman have been asking for prior work experience before processing the job application of any candidate from overseas. Be it the fresh graduates from global universities equipped with the best skills and expertise, the Omani employers are straight-off shutting doors in case of a ‘no work ex’ situation.

Corporations in the country have realized the fact that it is only the blend of talent, experience and product based expertise that can score good results in the long run.  While schools and colleges all-round the globe have started updating their curriculum with the latest technologies, tested ideas and industry based expertise, specializations like IT, finance, engineering and medicine have also seen a major upliftment.

You might look at it as failure to collaborate, but that is how things work out in this part of the world.  Local colleges and universities are more than ready to co-operate closely with various companies and tweak the academic curriculum to match the professional expectations, but seldom have they got anything except for a deaf ear. Omani universities are moving ahead efficiently, with latest international practices preached at every level of education, yet students are turned away to find some pertinent experience and then try for a job.



What is the Solution?

The question arises, so how should the candidates or fresh graduates gain the needed professional experience?

The answer lies in quite-a-simple observation. Being in the industry for a considerable number of years, there’s a huge chunk of staff which finds it difficult to comprehend with the latest trends in technology and industry. Well, that’s where graduates can fill up the void.

As regressive the current trend might appear, Omani businesses are trying to emulate on recruitment practices that helps them to pick employees from the universities straight away. Not only will this improve the employment ratio in the country, but will bring together global talent and push up the productivity in all Omani organizations.


By:  Anshuman Kukreti 

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