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Expat Diaries: What Falls in Your Lap When You Nail Or Plan to Nail a Job in Bahrain?

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Bahrain is regarded as the island of pearls, lights, sand and all-year round sunshine. However, on a global landscape, the country is now known for its economy, standard of living and an apt breeding ground for expatriates. The country is also known to offer some of the excellent employment opportunities, not only for the natives but also for the migrants who visit the country for a better life. If you are also planning to make a career move and consider Arab for the same then Bahrain is going to be an ideal choice. According to a survey, Expat Explorer Survey 2014-15, Bahrain ranks at 5th in the list of top expat destination. So, there are typically 5 things that you need to know now about this nation, if you bag a job here:

  1. The Visas

This is the first and foremost aspect that you need to know about if you are planning or have already bagged a job in Bahrain. There is something really important that expatriates belonging to USA, most EU countries, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland should know. The aspect is that they can easily obtain a visit visa on arrival for BD5 or US$13.25. The migrants can get 3 months visas for the same fee. On the other hand, cases where the expatriates have started their career in Bahrain should be sponsored ones. Their sponsorship must be from their employer’s side for the purpose of work or leading a life here.

  1. The Potential Industries

This will be of interest to expatriates who are aiming to start a career in the Kingdom. There are industries that are flourishing at this point of time in almost all parts of Arab. Starting with the prominent ‘financial sector’; this sector is majorly Bahraini but the companies operating in the industry are also hiring the expats majorly as well. Secondly, most of the Arab nations are emerging on the global landscape in terms of tourism and travel. Moreover, these nations are also welcoming foreign investors. Following the same path, Bahrain is also focusing on elevating the standard of infrastructure and thus there is focus on the same industry as well. Another booming industry that is fast picking up pace are the recruitment agencies.

  1. Shelter is Important

The real estate scenario in Bahrain is shining bright on the center stage. There are opportunities that have opened up recently that enable easy property buying in Bahrain. However, this is possible only in certain areas where the development is seen on a high note. Keeping aside this very specific option, renting out a property is the best possible option. The sale volumes show that expatriates choose to stay in gated communities for they see security and a peaceful life in there. If you are also relocating then make sure that you have enough earnings to buy a property or afford the rental amount there. There are people from countries likes Saudi who are working in Bahrain and have families in Bahrain. This also accounts for a surge in the rental amount.

  1. The Scorching Summers

This is something not related to your work or career but is definitely an important factor that can affect your new life and work status in Bahrain. The kingdom has typically two seasons; winter and summer. Both the climates can reach to their extreme degrees. In summers, you may see temperature soaring up to 48 degrees and then on the other hand there is 90% humidity in winters. The climate indicates extremes in both the case and your livability can be affected by the same. So, this is something intangible that can fall in your lap.


The kingdom of Bahrain is emerging on a global landscape and is also competing with the likes of the UAE and Qatar. The future sees growth in the country and a good living conditions for the expatriates.


By:  Vinita Tiwari

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