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Examining the Possibility of Connecting Your Brain to the Internet

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With the rapid growth of technology today, many people are wondering what is truly possible. One thing that is on many people’s’ minds is the possibility of connecting our brain to the internet. After all, with AI and robotics moving at breakneck speed, there could be a lot of breakthroughs in medical science as it relates to technology:

A Mad Scientist with a Plan

There is a scientist working on ways to get your brain connected directly to the internet with an implant. It may seem stranger than fiction, like something about a sci-fi movie. However, he has already began studies and is making a strong case that people will be able to receive implants.

How it would work is by connecting your neurological brain waves via electricity to a device that would then send the signal via wifi or radio to a nearby station or router. It would translate the white noise, generated by your brain, into code that is readable by the machine.

On the other side, it would translate the internet data into waves that your brain can receive and understand. While we don’t expect people to be walking around with internet connections in their brain very soon, his experiments are fascinating and show how quickly technology is developing today.

Why Do We Want to Connect Our Brains to the Web?

As humans, we have always sought to improve ourselves. We evolve incredibly quickly. However, nothing has sped up our desire for knowledge and ability to change society quite like the internet.

We desire to do more. We want to know more. In essence, human beings want to be the best versions of ourselves, and that’s why we naturally want to turn to digital technology and use the internet as a tool that we can access 24/7 directly from our minds. However, there are currently other ways that people are advancing their brain capacity: smart drugs:

The Rise of Smart Drugs in Society

From entrepreneurs to tech experts to athletes, it seems that the world’s top performers are looking to smart drugs to help them get ahead in their field. Officially called nootropics, these medicines are a class of their own.

These supplements help people improve brain function, get more done on less sleep, and speed up the connections in their brain. Take Modafinil, for instance. This is a drug that has been compared to Adderall. However, whereas Adderall is a stimulant, Modafinil is not.

Amphetamines like Adderall deplete the dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain. It can take a while to get back to a normal level of happiness and productivity after you take them. For some, this is worth the risk. For others, they want something that is not as harmful long term. That is why many Silicon Valley CEOs and others chose Modafinil.

It works on the neurons in your brain to increase the speed of connections. It is actually not a stimulant. Rather, it shuts off the part of your brain that make you want to go to sleep so you can stay alert and focused for longer periods of time. This is helpful for those who need to work 80 hour work weeks and not lose focus for that entire time.

Time will tell, but if the supplements mentioned above can change the way the brain processes information, it is a telling sign. We may not be very far off from being connected the internet with our brain after all.

When it comes to technology today, everything is moving faster than ever before. Science and medicine are becoming more and more linked. Soon, having an implant could very well be possible and it could do everything from connect our brain to the internet to testing for blood types. However, until that time, we’ll have to rely on proven methods like smart drugs and other developments that allow us to tap into our true potential as humans.


by: Kevin Faber

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