by Margie Gellor VILLANUEVA

Embrace Challenges

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Move on and never waste your precious moment  feeling sorry for anything else.

Embrace challenges and changes in life.

Never waste your energy on something you can’t control.  Stay happy.

Never be afraid to speak up.   Stand up and deliver,  find your voice.
Just be kind and fair,  nothing to lose only gain.

Be a risk-taker.  Grab every obstacles in life.

Celebrate every success,  yours or theirs.  It does not matter it only
means happiness and peace.

Never think you are weak.   Be mentally strong.

Be sure that you are not picking broken pieces of glass thinking that
it is diamond.

Sometimes you can hardly make the difference between a genuine diamond
and a worthless piece of glass.


By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva 


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