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World Earth Day: A Fight For A Change

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There is not a second thought about it that humans are not treating the earth in a proper way. We are exploiting natural resources with each passing day. As a consequence, drastic changes in the natural phenomenon are being observed e.g. changes in water and biogeochemical cycles, disturbances in the geological process, and let’s just not forget climate change leading to global warming. The earth and the oceans are warming, leading to concerns about floods and droughts, extinction, and zoonotic diseases. Chemicals are polluting land, water, and air, threatening health and habitats; invasive species wreak havoc on delicate ecosystems, and the human population and consumption are straining the world’s resources.

World Earth Day History

To address issues related to the environment, Earth day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. First Earth in 1970 gave a voice to an emerging public awareness about the deteriorating state of our planet. In the years leading up to the first Earth Day, people in USA were exposed to vast amounts of lead gas released by massive and inefficient automobiles. Air pollution was commonly accepted something very normal. Until this point, mainstream people in the USA remained largely ignorant to environmental concerns. The turning point after these events was the publication of Rachel Carson’s New York Times bestseller Silent Spring in 1962. The book was well accepted by the masses and its 500,000 copies were sold in 24 countries as it raised public awareness and concern for living organisms, the environment and the association of pollution and human health. Earth Day is always held on April 22nd and is marked by leaders, students, citizens, organizations, companies, and agencies coming together to celebrate the planet earth. Events are usually held worldwide in support of environmental protection ranging from ceremonies and community service to educational seminars and parties. As a result of this remarkable event, various policy agreements and acts are sanctioned such as Clear Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many others.

Earth Day 2020

The first Earth Day is credited with launching the modern environmental movement, and is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event. Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This day is marked with a theme around the world to highlight the present environmental issues and their impacts on the generations to come. As we prepare to mark 50 years of Earth Day in 2020, this year Earth day is dedicated to climate action. Climate change is the enormous challenge future of humanity but it comes with vast opportunities of actions. This theme is actually the responsibility of each and every individual across the world that they should contribute to taking the necessary step for climate change control.

Earth Day will educate and mobilize more than one billion people to grow and support the next generation of environmental activists. Earth Day is not a one-day event rather the requirement is to take this movement forward for the sake of the environment. Our individual contributions can make a big difference and we will be able to provide a healthy atmosphere for our future generations. Even we are facing COVID-19, still we can reconsider what we can collectively do for our global environment with activities but obviously keeping social distancing in mind. Mother Earth needs cooperation from us more than ever.


by: Abeer Arshad 

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