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Duski – Digital Health Assistant

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Revolution in any sector always needs a revolutionary action triggered with intent to change the structure of the status quo. The action should be driven by out of the box notions, ideas and proposals. Duski is precisely a similar attempt to revolutionize and transfigure the field of health in Pakistan. As Mother Teresa rightly said: “Don’t wait for the leaders; do it alone, person to person.” So an energetic, determined and dedicated team has decided to invest all their positive enthusiasm in refining and expanding the horizons of the health sector. Duski is an initiative to inject an unprecedented spirit in the field of health which no one has ever imagined about.

With heavy heart, we all have to admit that the most ignored sector in Pakistan is health; which should have been the top-most priority of every government. Due to the fragile and ineffective health sector of Pakistan, World Health Organization has placed Pakistan on 122nd place out of 190 countries. It is woeful that agenda of political parties is always devoid of discussions and debates on health policy. The health indicators of Pakistan are on a constant decline leaving no effect on the priorities of the government. The indifference of Pakistan’s government to health is reflected in the fact that Pakistan spends a mere 0.9pc of its GDP on health. Only two countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bangladesh, have a lower ratio of GDP to health spending.

Keeping all these facts in mind, it is high time to reflect upon the deplorable situation of health in Pakistan. But after so many dejected years, a shining star has appeared on the surface of dark and gloomy cloud. Yes, the star is none other than the initiative known as ‘Duski’. Duski is an attempt to infuse the spirit of Information Technology in the field of Health in Pakistan. Duski will integrate all the parties (doctor, patient etc) on an online application; hence making the relationship more simple and accessible. Once completed and executed, this initiative would expand the online interaction of patients with doctors. This has multifaceted advantages embracing patients, doctors and as well as government

 Duski would facilitate the patients in following ways:

a) Online appointment with doctors.
b) Online medical reports and prescription.
c) Online ride booking via careem and uber to your clinic.
d) Online delivery of medicines via reputable pharmacies.
e) Online ambulance service.
f) Panic Button.
g) Integration of Artificial Intelligence Urdu/English with Duski.
h) Preservation of the medical history and reports of patients etc.

 Similarly, Duski is going to facilitate doctors in following ways:

a) The clinics of doctors will have online availability for every Duski patient.
b) The visibility of clinics and doctors will be increased by 90%.
c) Doctors will have an access to the patient’s medical history and reports when a patient schedules and appointment with the doctor.
d) Number of patients will increase by 50% and above.
e) Duski will also promote the presence of clinics all over Pakistan.

 Duski is going to aid Government in following ways:

a) Entire health sector will be centralized.
b) This would put an end to fake-doctor mafia.
c) This will earn huge foreign investment from international NGO’s/IT investors resulting in economic growth of the country.
d) This would open doors of opportunities to professionals.
e) Duski would provide a chance to government to analyze the patient data based on region and diagnosis of particular illness based on geographical locations. 

Hence, all the above mentioned details of Duski validated the dire necessity of this step In Pakistan on immediate basis.

Now the responsibility falls on every single person of this nation to open up his mind and embrace this revolutionary step to move Pakistan up to the ladder of development and progress. We as nation has to decide and reshape our priorities now; we have to finalize that whether the health of our children matters most to us or the same neglect we are exhibiting from decades; we have to re-modify our thought processes and walk on the new patterns shaped by information technology. The question that matters now is the future of this project which is in the hands of educated people and doctors. Will they rise up above their personal interests to make this initiative successful or will this projects will be brushed aside like every other revolutionary project in Pakistan.

by : Asad Murad  ( Director Global Business Development ) UAE

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