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Digital Age Marketing With Classic Economic Principles

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Consumer focus in the digital age is surprisingly similar to what it was before computers. People are still looking to have an easy life without any effort. Digital devices that are popular are the ones that make life easier and give us a lower workload. If a company wants to profit in the digital age, it has to take a close look at the different marketing methods that are common with the best in the business.

Marketing Universals

An email service provider should know the marketing universals. What are the marketing universals? Marketing universals are the attributes that most people look for when they buy or do something. If you do not know what marketing universals are, you will struggle with making an impact in your selling and buying behaviors. Examples of marketing universals include water, food, shelter, clothing, pleasure, freedom, success, popularity, efficiency, profit, and intelligence. All of these things, if attached to your selling behaviors, will give your customers an insatiable desire to buy from you. If you only pursue these things, it will also make life very expensive for you. Why? Everyone else is pursuing the same enjoyable attributes. In your buying behaviors, practice buying things that are dry, starving, homeless, suffering, slavery, damaged, unpopular, inefficient, unprofitable, and ignorant. Why? The price of these unpopular things is low. The ideal business takes something that is unpopular and converts it into something that is very popular.

Examples of Proper Marketing

A good example of someone who did this well was Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs took Apple from medium to gigantic by buying unpopular foreign labor and selling sleek consumer electronics. A Calgary dentist wants to get more people to its shop. Dentists are aware that people hate getting their teeth worked on. They implement change by associating popularity with dental work. Things like white teeth and pretty smiles help pack in the image conscious into their shops. A dentist slogged through the suffering and slavery of dental school for 10 years. They then sell popular beautiful smiles at high profit.

Examples of Poor Marketing

Really poor marketers buy high and they sell low. They promise far more than they actually do. The best marketers do far more than they actually promise. Be the marketer that provides what the market is screaming for. Deprive yourself of stuff that you naturally enjoy. This will lower your expenses and increase your revenue. When expenses are low and revenue is high you have a far greater profit. Another example of poor marketing is the typical marketer. The typical marketer barely breaks even. They max out their credit card on loans to sustain their personal budget. Why? They are buying high and selling high. If a person buys high, they will have high expenses. If a person sells high, they will have high revenue. High expenses and high revenue mean low or mediocre profit. Be your customers’ best hope, not their worst nightmare. If you do not know what that means, try shopping at your own store. You will probably find things that you would not want to buy. Most people are very similar to you.


Although the names and faces have changed, the laws have not. If you understand economics, you will be light years ahead of the competition. The secret to becoming a gigantic company is to buy low and sell high. It hurts the ego to buy low. It stresses the mind to sell high. If you do both of these things, you will become one of the elite few who joins the ranks of the top performing businesses. Learn from the giants who have come before you. They can help you succeed.


By:  Angela Pattridge 

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