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Difference Between Expert and Average Marketers

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Businesses are becoming competitive every new day. People are continually investing and the days when a few individuals dominated one business type are long gone. With capital, anyone can do any business. One is therefore required to have a unique aspect that draws customers. The most effective way of surviving in the ever competitive business world is by having a good marketing plan. In the past, billboards, televisions and newspapers adverts were some of the most effective marketing channels. While the channels still play a big part in marketing, they are somehow outdated now. Many people spend nowadays spend a large amount of time on the internet. Online advertisement is currently the most effective marketing channel.

Online marketing is done in the form of SEO, PPC adverts, transactional emails, content marketing and many other ways. However, placing an advert on online platforms is not a guarantee of success in sales. There are some vital aspects to consider when engaging in online marketing. These aspects also apply to other marketing Medias.

Factors that differentiate an expert marketer and average marketer:


This is one of the filters that will separate an average marketer from an expert marketer. An average marketer will use the same marketing tactic at all times. He/ she will stick to what is known, and this is critically harmful to the business. Online marketing and the client’s preferences are ever changing. An expert marketer will always be on the lookout for changes. Adaptation to new trends is vital to the survival of any business. An expert marketer is always flexible when required. An average marketer will be slow to react to market changes. A business that doesn’t comply with the customer needs has a high likelihood of failing.

  1. Innovation.

An expert marketer is ever innovative. To have an edge in business, the expert marketer is ever searching for the uncommon marketing strategy. An average marketer is comfortable with the commonly used marketing modes. In marketing, it is not necessarily about the vigor and aggression. The approach matters a lot as well. Therefore being innovative is one of the primary ways of differentiating a product from others that are similar.

  1. Customer needs.

An expert marketer knows that a customer is the most critical person in the business. Keeping customers is as important as acquiring them. Therefore an expert marketer addresses the specific customer needs. An expert marketer is always on the lookout for changing customer preferences. Once a business cannot keep up with the needs of their clients, it is highly likely to fail. For example, an institution offering web development bootcamp courses should always check which courses are required by employers in the job market. This is because some languages may become obsolete with time and thus the students become less marketable. When this happens, the students will no longer enroll in the program. An expert marketer will always ask for feedback from the customers. This will help in identifying the neediest issues that require being addressed.

  1. Knowledge seeking

An average marketer is always comfortable with what he/she knows. An expert marketer on the other hand continually seeks information on how to improve on what he/she knows. The online platform is ever changing and to survive one requires to be inquisitive at all times. A marketer who never seeks information is likely to become outdated. This translates to selling outdated products using obsolete methods. Such a business will fail.

  1. Humility

An expert market always listens to what consumers feel about a product or service. The marketer responds by putting up measures to rectify on the complaint. If the response is a compliment, the marketer will uphold the high standards and seek means on how to make it better. An average marker, on the other hand, is always defensive. Instead of accepting negative reviews from clients, the marketer tries to justify why the product and the service is the right thing.

Customer satisfaction is, therefore, key to any marketing strategy. Any marketing platform should address the customer needs. When a customer feels important, he/she is likely to buy a particular service or good for a long period. Average marketers should, therefore, strive to put more considerations to the client’s needs. This will, without doubt, make them expert marketers.


by:  Lee Flynn

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