by Jeanna Szuch Szuch


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Like a castaway in a sea of silence
I just can’t let anyone in, let anyone hear
In the distance I see blinking lights from ships
I know I should call out, raise a flag
But like a bullet from a gun, some things just can’t be undone
I turn and my breath escapes me, I cannot call out, not even once
My hands are frozen on the ropes, resonating with this fear
In the distance I see safe dry land but my heart, it rips
I know I should call out, but then the sails start to drag
But like an accidental overdose, things so far were once so close
This little boat is tossing and spinning, almost out of control
I just lay down and let it take me away
In the distance I hear the horns of safety
I know I should call out, let them see me whipping in the wind
But like words spoken in anger, some things will forever linger
I try to stand and hold on tight to the only thing I know
My hands are bruised and numb, is it night or is it day
In the distance I know there is sun, somewhere but I just can’t see
I know I should pick up the oars and row but my body is skinned
And like fallen stars, some things just can be picked back up from these wars
Like a castaway in this sea of silence
I float, I toss and turn and the ocean moves like a beast beneath me
In the distance I think the world has given up its search for my body
I know where I need to be, where I need to go
But this crazy water all around me is unforgiving, unrelenting and it won’t let me loose
So like a castaway, I’ll just wait until they find me
Maybe then I can let them in, let them take my hands
Shake the dust off of my heart and place it where it belongs so
This little castaway may one day be free to fly again.
By:  Jeanna Szuch 

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