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Benefits of Social Media in Schools

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In this fast-paced digital age, schools can really benefit from social media usage! Schools across the United States are exploring the possibilities of incorporating social media into the school setting. Positive usage of social media can encourage a collaborative environment among students and create a sense of community and familiarity between school staff, parents, and their students.  Utilizing social media in these ways can be effective in cultivating a positive brand presence and act as an effective communication tool.

Social media is a fundamental part of daily life for most people. Schools are no exception. Recently, many schools have started tapping social media to provide better service and assistance to teachers and students. The most common social media sites nowadays are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These sites are not only easy to use and easy to access but most certainly, almost anyone can join. Here are some of the benefits of using social media in schools.

Since most of the school population has access to social media, it is one good venue for announcements. Posts can be viral, and the administration can take advantage of this information dissemination tool. At the click of a button or at a gentle tap on the screen, the administration can save time, effort, energy, and even paper, in spreading urgent concerns to parents and the whole community. Schools planning to publicize enrollment procedures are also advised to go set up an account online. If anybody is interested to enroll in a school, they can easily check out the school’s Facebook. Twitter’s 140-character limit can also give back speedy short and concise replies.

Social media is also a platform where students, teachers, and administrators share insights to one another. Commenting, sharing, posting, etc. can be fun. There are a lot of articles online that can be linked and shared. Posting students’ projects, such as art works, performances, and other activities online can also boost the confidence of students. Letting them know that a lot of people have viewed and liked their works can be an act of praise.

There are some responsibilities that come with the freedom of participating in social media. Some students might be too young to create accounts or to have smartphones or laptops. In this case, the parents are the ones that need to have an account. This will also ensure parental supervision in all social media-related activities. Teachers can also impose house rules in class so that social media won’t interfere with classroom-related activities. Responsible use is the key in ensuring that social media use is only for the benefit of the students and the school.

These are just a few ways for schools to integrate social media usage.  As more schools explore the possibilities of social media, communication and engagement between schools, parents, and students are transforming. How does your school use social media? We’d love to hear about it!


by: Ammara Siddique

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