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Being a Time efficient Employee in the UAE: Is it that Hard?

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The UAE today hustles with immense activities happening on various corporate fronts. Be it the world of changes happening in the transforming services sector or the rapid influx of talent taking place in the real estate sphere, events are numerous to count. However, the most imperative thing to consider during all these is the quality of talent acquired and promoted by Emirati employers.

Talk about any leading Emirati corporation and there surely are a hundred screening processes to gauge the candidate in the most efficient way. Well, that is the level of competition happening for increasingly lucrative career avenues in this exotic country.

Adding to the same, with projects getting planned and executed every now and then, time efficiency is one trait expected by every employer in the UAE. Hence, mentioned below are 4 such tips that will help you get the complete gist and hacks to being a time efficient employee here.

Work Smarter, not Harder Every time

Believe it or not, this sums up the entire idea of succeeding in your job, be it anywhere in the UAE. For sure, there will be protocols associated with any job description you take up in an Emirati company. However, working hard without strategizing on your career goals would take you nowhere simply. Employers all across seven emirates prefer promoting employees who comply with the business targets of their organization and that too in a time efficient way. This makes the need to work smarty quite clear and conspicuous.

Instead of being robotic on following work protocols, you need to be thoughtful about the entire approach and introduce innovative methods that save time and cost on the project. Plus, it saves ample time for you to try out new aspects prevalent in the UAE as well.

Stay Organized and Prioritize Your Tasks

It might be an A-B-C rating system or maintaining a ‘to-do’ list, prioritizing and staying organized with your work schedule is something required at every Emirati job. Having an organized work plan means that you are clear on the future targets and need no assistance on being reminded about the same. The UAE managers are often concerned about the extent to which they’d have to assist an expat over the kind of work routine practiced in the country. Staying deft with the same would only boost your chances of getting promoted further in the role.

Stay Up-to-Date and Keep Growing

Emirates like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai today are known for the conglomerate culture they harbor in different sectors. A perfect amalgam of business trends coming from various parts of the world. Talking about the same, global practices in your industry would be prevalent in the country at any point of time. Hence, staying up-to-date with these would not only push up the work productivity, but increase time efficiency at work as well. What more would the recruiter expect from you, if you bring in latest practices that boost all numbers for his organization.

Leave Ample Space for Unstructured/Buffer Time

There will be a number of instances, when you are rushing from task-to-task, trying to get hold of all that in your work routine here. Owing to the fact, seldom are the chances that you get any unstructured time to take a pause and reflect upon all the progress you made meanwhile. Well, this might seem indirect, but this sure does make you notice several loopholes, hence speeding up the process for every future piece of work.

Allow yourself to take some time off from work related tasks and enjoy the ambience that the UAE work culture offers to every employee.

Tips are numerus to mention. However, staying time efficient in the UAE has become more of a necessity. It’s high time you start working on the same.


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