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Becoming a Better Boss Through Fitness

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It may sound completely unrelated, but when you get fit, you can actually become a better boss! How does it work? Simple, really. You become a better boss through fitness by embodying the tips and tricks you learn along the way – and we don’t just mean leg ups and squats! We’ve put together a list of 5 ways fitness can transform your body and your “bosshood”!

Pre Workout Patience  

You may think that pre-workout generally consists of powders, drinks, and warm-ups. While those are great, they aren’t the only thing. Pre-workouts can also include meditation and reflection. Between the joys of stretching and the patience that comes with just being able to sit quietly for a few moments, you can learn a lot of patience. This, in turn, can help you be a more understanding boss.

This can really help to encourage your employees to speak up when there’s a problem, and even offer ideas and solutions.   

Personal Trainer, Personal Connections 

It can be hard to make those personal connections that you know are so crucial as your business grows and takes off. However, when you start a fitness regimen and start to form that one-on-one connection with your personal trainer, you’re reminded of just how important that is. It helps to reignite your drive for those one-on-one connections with people. Including your employees!

This can help your employees feel more loyalty both to you and the company, leading to more stable employee retention rates, as well as some really awesome friends!   

Motivational Morphing  

You’ll know right away when you have a great personal trainer because they’ll teach you the subtle arts of motivation over bossing around. If you take a few leaves from their book, you can learn to motivate your employees rather than bossing them around. This can yield some shocking, great results!

Don’t be surprised if you see a huge bump in productivity on the days you choose to employ motivational tactics!

PT Planning  

Personal trainers tend to give you a focused plan of action, but they tweak it quite often based on your comfort level, your successes, and your failures. You should do the same with your employees. If you can make a plan for them and review it often, address problem areas and complement things they’re doing well, you won’t have to worry about as many problems. Not only does it open up dialogue that can prevent problems, but it can help your employees feel more at ease, which can up their output. Doing this the right way can really help to keep everyone both inspired and on track!

Listen Genuinely  

It can be hard if you have a line of employees coming in with complaints, critiques, questions, and everything else. But you have to take the time to listen, listen well, and listen genuinely. People like to feel like they’re being heard. This can improve morale, personal connections, and help to stop complaints in their tracks.

Positive Under Pressure  

Being the boss is rarely an easy job. You are responsible for all of your employees, and depending on what position you’re in, you’re responsible to all of your managers, as well. Pressure is bound to happen, more often than not. But even when you’re feeling like you’re drowning, it’s important to stay positive. It sets the whole tone of the business. It tells your employees that you’re strong and that the company is worth persevering for.

So you see? Fitness and managing employees actually do have a lot in common. Try to apply the “fitness philosophy” at work and see what kind of results you get!


by: Kevin Faber

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