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Beauty Companies That are Worth a Try

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Many of us are brand loyal and once we find something that works, we tend not to stray far from it. We may wonder, why fix something that’s not broken, right? However, sometimes it’s important to stay up to date and switch things up because there’s a possibility of finding an even better product that is more suited for your personal skin and beauty looks. In the process, you may even find something that you never knew you needed! After all, skin and makeup styles constantly change with age and trends. Here are a few beauty companies to keep an eye on this year for their high quality, well-received product lines.


You have probably heard of this company due to its creative beauty box shipments that can come straight to your door. This is Korean cosmetic business that has exploded in popularity abroad as well. Due to its background, Memebox exclusively features Korean beauty products in its boxes. This, of course, is fine considering how viral Korean beauty has gotten due to the country’s high quality and effective product lines that are safe for sensitive skin.


Despite many popular beauty brands expanding their shades, some might still find trouble finding a perfect match for their skin tones. That’s where MatchCo comes in with its customizable option that can be done easily and quickly with a simple app on your phone. MatchCo can be a match for your skin tone with their custom mixed foundations.

Nu Skin

Skincare is just as important in the cosmetic world as makeup products. According to NuSkin Reviews, this company focuses on anti-aging products using both personal care items and nutritional supplements to naturally achieve a youthful glow. They also offer a nourishing lip line, spa systems, hair products and men’s care products. Unlike many other brands that claim their products are anti-aging, this company has the extensive research to back up their claims.


For those who are healthy and environmental conscious, Beautycounter is as transparent as it gets in the business world. The company incorporates honest and natural ingredients into their labels and capitalizes on their priority for safety of their clean products. This makes Beautycounter a safe haven for those with sensitive skin or those who dislike the idea of using unnatural chemicals on their face and body.

Seed Beauty

This is a brand that you don’t know you’re aware of. Seed Beauty is the parent company of Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics. Colourpop was especially popular for its affordable line of liquid lipsticks. Considering that the company is rooted from a dependable family business, it makes sense how quickly it’s able to create and produce new products.

Considering the diverse array of options, it may be time to try out a new lipstick or face mask from one of these popular beauty companies that promise good results. Regardless of what you get from trusted companies, it is still a good idea to do a patch test with any product just in case you may have an atypical reaction to it. There’s less risk involved with the natural products offered by these beauty companies, but test patching is still a good habit to follow with anything new. With that said, maybe you’ll fall in love with something new to replace or add to your daily care routine!


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