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7 Multilevel Marketing Companies To Partner With In 2018

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Multilevel marketing or MLM for short is a business model that facilitates the selling of goods and services by forming networks of distributors. It seems that all too often a new MLM company pops onto the scene, becoming all the rave, only to fizzle out a few months later. However, many MLM companies have endured the test of time and proven to be worthwhile endeavors.

The following is seven of the best MLM opportunities for 2018.

Simply Fun

Simply Fun is a company that specializes in interactive board games, puzzles, and a variety of other products for children at all learning stages. Many games offered by the company have not only won awards but also meet core standards established nationally for skills development.

Sales representatives for the company are referred to as Playologists and Simply Fun is a member in good standing with the Direct Selling Association.

Q Sciences

Q Sciences provides the customer with products that promote health and wellness and is headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Both the products offered and the compensation plan has been a hit with independent distributors.

Products from Q Sciences range in use from providing brain clarity, support for the digestive system, muscle building compounds, and there is even a multivitamin produced by the company. The products offered by Q Sciences are not difficult to promote in the increasingly health-conscious environment today.

Zyn Travel

This multilevel marketing companies gives its distributors the opportunity to own their own travel agency.

Agents will have the opportunity to sell vacation packages to destinations throughout the world and when signing other agents to work for the company commissions are paid to the recruiting agent.

There are multiple membership levels with the company and the compensation paid to agents is dependent upon which membership level they have attained.   


Individuals interested in becoming a Senegence distributor will have an assortment of anti-aging and personal care products to promote. This company has withstood the test of time in the MLM marketplace and prospective distributors need only to place an order with the company via the Senegance website.

The compensation structure varies in regards to distribution levels earned but high-end distributors for the company can earn as much as 50% on a sale.    

Jump Natural   

Jump Natural promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing supplementation through meal replacements and shakes. Products from Jump Natural are intended to help customers lose unwanted pounds without sacrificing any of their nutritional needs.  

The Jump Natural mantra is to live a healthier and wealthier lifestyle while having fun doing both.   

Watching Ads   

This business model is relatively new to the multilevel marketing community and taps into online advertising mechanisms.   

Marketers and small business owners are able to get ads to attract customers to their own ventures in addition to earning a small commission when convincing others to utilize ad services.   

This is a growing market and money can be earned at multiple levels. One company providing a platform for this business model can be visited here.   


This multilevel marketing company was established in 2011 and offers small portions of gold that is delivered in amounts from one to five grams. The company is headquartered in Germany and offers a compensation plan that is both binary and unilevel.

The gold that is sold by KaratBars is produced in Turkey and is a great investment and excellent way to gain protection from more volatile markets.


Multilevel marketing is a business model that can be very rewarding for individuals who possess the ability to promote products and recruit others to do likewise. When deciding on a MLM company to partner with individuals have a vast array of companies to choose from. The seven companies above are solid choices for individuals to try their hand at in 2018.


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