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6 Ways to Make Your Business Improve Efficiency

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Finding out how to improve efficiency with your business can help you increase sales and expand. The right integrations can help you cut costs, and help you stand out among your competitors. How can you improve your business’s efficiency? Here are six of the best ways to improve business efficiency.

Figure Out What’s Not Working 

Before you implement anything, you need to figure out what’s not working. Determine which processes aren’t working with your current business model. By knowing what’s wrong with your organization or industry, you can find out what’s causing it. You can get to the core of the problem by surveying your customers and employees. Now that you identified the problem, you can fix it.

Review Your Customer Base 

Use website analytics to find out where and how your visitors get lost. This online tool can help you determine which pages are causing your customers to become lost or leave. One way to improve this to implement the 3-Click Rule. This rule implies that a visitor will go to another website if they don’t get the information they want in three seconds flat.

You can make other changes to your websites by telling your visitors where to go and why. You can also tell them where they are and where they’re headed. Review your customer base on a regular basis, so you can get to know their website habits.

Focus on Your Social Media Efforts 

Now it’s time to shift your focus on social media. Since there are so many social media channels, you may as if you’re spreading yourself thin. Data analytics is another tool that can help you detect the channels that mention your company. With these insights, you can monitor both positive and negative mentions.

From there, you can focus on what you should be doing and eliminate what you should stop doing. It’ll save you time by telling you which social media channels your customers are using. If your customers aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, you can increase business efficiency by focusing on the platforms they use. There are tools that can help you out such as Cyfe, Rankur, and Social Mention.

Explore the Idea of Digital Integration 

Did you know that digital integration causes 25% of businesses to decrease their competitive rankings? Exploring this concept will allow you to make connections with people outside of your industry. Digital integration is like a social networking aspect of a business, which gives you the ability to meet new people. It’s become one of the most important tools for increasing efficiency.

Integrating digital solutions can improve business efficiencies in a multitude of ways. Technology can automate mundane and tedious tasks, allowing your workers to focus on other things that require more attention. For example, human resource software for small business can eliminate accounting tasks. Improved communication is another example of digital integration which allows reports to be generated and shared quickly and easily.

Use Conversation Analytics 

It’s common practice for every business to record customer calls. You can use the data obtained from each of these calls for conversation analytics to dig deeper into your customers’ issues and concerns so you can improve the overall customer service experience. By using conversation analytics instead of after-call surveys, you’ll improve the efficiency of your business. It can help you reach your customers faster and make changes where necessary, saving time and money.

If you want to use a conversation analytics tool to increase business efficiency, then use one that fits your business’s needs. Some companies that offer these tools include Aurablue Labs, CallMiner, Cogito Corporation, and Nemecysco.

Use Data from CRM 

To dig even deeper into customer insights, you can use the data from your CRM to review your customer base. Thanks in part to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, you can find out your customers are looking for. Not only do your low-value customers spend less money, but they’re also costing you more money. And every time they call with questions or concerns, they’re taking away more time from your high-value customers. It’s time to let go of the customers who are wasting your time and costing you more money with little to no return.

Every business needs something new to have it running smoothly. Even the most successful businesses have to implement new processes and methods. This is a great guide for any business owner’s journey, whether you’re starting out or you’re looking for new tools and strategies.


by: Dennis Hung

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