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6 Simple Tools to Make your Website Stunning

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With the development of technology, businesses have become increasingly web-based. In some ways, the website has become the modern storefront. In fact, studies suggest that 70-80% of customers research a company online before purchasing a product from them. For this reason, having a well-functioning and ergonomic website is important for all types of businesses. Here are six simple tools to make your website stunning.

1. Canva

Images play a critical role in a websites overall function and feel. From the logos and headers to post images and more, these images help to bring a website to life. Canva is a platform through which a wide range of images can be created. This tool has hundreds of templates to choose from and even more icons, pictures, and designs to use. Users can design templates ranging from logo, header, social media post, and more. The standard version of Canva is completely free, but there are some limits. Users can pay a small monthly fee for having access to more. Another great feature of Canva is the ease of use.

2. Anime

It isn’t uncommon for websites to have some sort of animation present. This animation is at play when a text transforms during a scroll or an opt-in box bounces from the top of the screen. These animations help to give life to an otherwise stagnant website. The issue is that the coding behind these movements is incredibly complex. Instead of hiring a professional coder, the Anime application allows business owners to create unique animations on their websites without coding themselves.

3. Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab is a unique tool that works from the idea of atomic design systems. The fundamental idea behind atomic design is that websites are built from their smallest components or building blocks. These atoms are put together to create molecules and then organisms. These organisms can be put together to create whole templates. Pattern Lab allows designers to work from the ground up, so to speak.

4. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a well-known, front-end web development tool. It is designed for easy integration into any current website. Bootstrap provides a wide variety of HTML codes for different features on a web page, allowing for easy use and design. The tool was designed to ensure that people of all skill levels can use it efficiently. Another benefit of Bootstrap is how easily the web-design adapts between all devices using just one code base.

5. Sketch

Many web-designers may be used to using Photoshop for developing aspects of their User Interface. While Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool, Sketch has some advantages that should be considered. The grid system allows for easier design and simplicity. Furthermore, the simple UI of Sketch makes using the tool much easier than Photoshop. In terms of memory, Sketch takes up much less room because it is a vector-based system. This tool also makes it easier to make revision and store documents.

6. Affinity Designer

Much of website creation lies in page building and development. Tools such as Sketch and Photoshop have dominated this space for some time. However, Affinity Designer is a recent addition that offers some extra perks. First and foremost, the program only charges a one time fee versus the normal monthly cost. Affinity Designer offers an impressive 1,000,000 percent zoom that allows designers to get much closer and make finer changes to their projects. Another great feature of this tool is their history and undo functions. Affinity Designer allows for a total of going back 8,000 steps. This is ideal as no web-designer is free from making a mistake every once in a while.

Websites are becoming increasingly significant for businesses overall. Even if the company is not web-based, having a good website can help increase exposure and even sales. Tools are the key to helping design a functioning and beautiful website. Here are six simple tool to make your website stunning.

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