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6 Apps That Make Life Easier

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There are six apps that you can get on your phone to make your life easier. These apps cost nothing, but are super helpful with daily life. Upgrades cost, but are not necessary. These apps help with everything from fitness to knowing what the weather will be. An effective app can truly change your life. It can reduce paper waste, and keep you on task with your goals. You can download these apps onto your smart phone easily and be using them in just a few minutes.

1. Evernote

If you are a list maker, Evernote is for you. You can even record audio if you are not able to type at the moment. Separating your lists into categories is super easy. It will accept pictures too. Those living in a megalopolis area will find this app great for the hussle-bussle lifestyle that is prevalent. Upgrades include sharing of information in between coworkers. This app is great for individuals, ministry, and business.

2. The Weather Channel

This app will keep you in the know on the local weather. Long gone are the days that you need to watch the nightly news on the television to know the weather. It gives hour by hour expectations for your area. You have the option to set alarms for weather too. With just a click of the button current weather is at your fingertips. This app is practical for planning outdoor activities, or even just knowing when to mow the grass.

3. Lose It!

First you plug in your current weight, and goal weight. Daily you journal what you are eating, and it keeps up with your calorie count. It also has a place for posting your exercise for the day. With each meal, and exercise it keeps up with count your calories for the daily. It uses lists of food items, and a UPC symbol recognition system. When you set your goal weight, and it will tell you what date you can expect to meet your goal. It records a bar graph to show your progress visually too.

4. Water Drink

You plug in your weight and it tells you how much water you need to drink per day to stay hydrated. The alarm can be set with a water pouring sound to remind you to stop and drink water throughout the day. For busy moms, and overworked professionals this app is great for reminding you of personal care. It adds value to your life by such a simple concept.

5. Pandora

There is no longer a need to purchase music. You don’t need to store CDs, or own a stereo system anymore either. Pandora is the ultimate in the music apps. You can choose your favorite artist, genre of music, or channel to listen. You give a thumbs up or down to each song to train it to play what you like best. It is portable because it requires no extra equipment other than your smartphone.

6. WhatsApp

If you have military family overseas, whatsapp is good for communication. You use it like regular texting. It sends pictures too. It uses the internet to send your information, which is cheaper. It includes group chatting, and location sharing too. Plainly, it’s just a great practical app to use.

Protecting yourself from potential bad apps is important. Trying apps that others have tried themselves is safer than stepping out on your own. They are proven to be effective and helpful in daily life. Here are six apps you can try that are proven to be effective. Give these apps a try and see if they will benefit your personal life.


by: Kevin Faber

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