by Dennis Hung

5 Ways to Increase Your Knowledge and Expand Your Horizons

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Most of us want to learn new things and grow in ways we never thought possible, but how do we do that? Let’s explore five ways we can make that happen.

Tip #1: Learn as much as you can

I cannot stress this enough! There are always new things to learn and even if you only learn one new thing every day, you will get smarter every year. Some people learn more than one new thing in a day, however. Especially if it is something you are curious about, learn about it. You never know when your knowledge will be put to good use to potentially save your life.

Tip #2: Experience as much as you can

This can take on a couple of forms, maybe more. There are classes available through your local school district that take place in your community. Lots of classes are available like learning sign language, or web design or even cooking if that’s your kind of thing. You can also travel to countries you have always wanted to visit, though this will take lots of research and planning. However, what is better than being able to travel with the spouse you love or even the whole family? Nothing, I think, especially when you make memories with your spouse or the whole family. Maybe you want to learn something you’ve never done before. The internet is a wonderful tool that can tell you almost anything you want to know.

Tip #3: Read

Read as much and as varied texts as you can. Did you know that a working light bulb left on for one thousand hours equals a megawatt hour? It’s true, I learned it from a reputable source. Well, that just goes to show you I know what an hour of megawatt is now, thanks to reading. Seriously, you can learn a lot from reading. You can read about the things you like or even the things that might bore you. If you like romance novels, you might like action adventure stories (think “Choose Your Own Adventure” type stories) and others. If you need a general overview of something to see if you like it, read a summary and then decide if you like it.

Tip #4: Meet people

You see people all the time, but you don’t really know them. Maybe you know their name because of their ID or name on the check. You never know when you might stumble upon your best friend for life. No, really, be safe about it, but some people meet and it’s like they have an instant connection. This isn’t as insane as it sounds, because it has happened to other people.

Tip #5: Do your best

If all you do is your best, that is enough. People will respect you if you can say honestly that you have done all you can to do something and you did your best you knew how. Now, what you can do, is if you can get someone to help you if you don’t know how to do something. You can also consult with experts in the field if it is something you aren’t familiar with, like any home renovation things or anything of that sort. If you want to learn a trade, do it if it makes sense to you. If you have a great interest in something, I don’t think you have anything really to lose. You have everything to gain, but you have to know that it’s worth it to yourself to pursue it.

We have talked about five ways to increase your knowledge and expand your horizons. Which ones are you going to do first? What are your personal goals you want to reach? Reach for the stars!

by: Dennis Hung

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