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5 Things About Oman Every Expat in the Country Should Know!

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People say that every day comes with a surprise package in Oman and as an expat you have both amazing and humbling experiences here. The country is counted amongst one of the most flourished and best breeding grounds for the expatriates. An expat should have an idea about certain things so that you can settle down well in the country. The state of Oman regards its culture above their life and this is the reason why any newbie in the city should be aware about the ethics and lifestyle seen within the country.

Here are 5 things that you should be aware about:

  1. Religion & Culture

Oman is an Arabic country but despite the fact it has very well welcomed expats and people belonging to other countries and religion. The country has a huge number of expatriates who are here or are planning to come down for job or for studies. Practically, there are no compulsions whatsoever on the people here but the only thing that is being demanded is respect for the culture and religion. For instance, in times of Ramadan, there are norms that have to be followed strictly and fail in that can result into a serious offense.

  1. The House Rentals

This is one aspect that expatriates have problems with. They have a concern that their salaries are lesser than their expenditures. The house rentals seem out of their reach and after paying for their shelter, they are left with a very small amount in hand. Another thing that affects their packages is the inflation that has remained there in the Omani government from past 5 years. This has greatly affected the way people spend here and if you are on board in Oman then make sure that you have a package to support the financial burden here.

  1. The Job Market

Securing a job in Oman is not a big deal as there are a number of options to help job hunters nowadays. The amazing fact that you must know here is that the employment market has a lot of options to share with people. You can find an ample of job opportunities in the Oil & Gas field, engineering sector, IT and education. The job market is vast and there are vacancies for foreign workers. There is one downside that you should be aware of; if you are planning to quit a job here then you will be asked to leave Oman and not visit here before 2 years. After the tenure, you can again visit the nation and look around for a job.


  1. The Cost of Living

The cost of living is quiet high in the state of Oman and therefore, you have to make sure that the pay that you have secured is enough to withstand the financial pressures. Moreover, if you are a student then make sure that you have the required money with you or a strong savings back home to support your lifestyle here. In addition to this, you need to control your urge to buy expensive or luxurious things. Balancing your life here in this cost of living, make sure that you plan your finances well so that everything stays on track.


  1. The Driving Hazards

Oman is one Arabic country that records maximum number of road accidents in a year. Reckless and rash driving is a common sight and this has encouraged the numbers even to a higher level. You can be pretty sure about any crime on the roads but accidents are something that you have to take note of. Further, the number of vehicles has increased in leaps and bounds and this has even created problems for parking and adjustments.


An expat is new to a country and since Oman is a country that has a good number of job opportunities and a lifestyle to watch out for. These are 5 basic yet important things that every newbie in the country should know and stick to their minds.


By: Vinita Tiwari 

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