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5 Questions to ask before hiring a company for Commercial Construction

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Hiring a commercial construction company is a nerve wracking process, especially if it’s your first time hiring one. However, before hiring a contractor to take on the project you need to be done, there are plenty of questions you should ask beforehand. In the guide below, we will be discussing the top five questions you should ask before hiring any ecofriendly construction companies for the job at hand.

Is the company bonded, insured, and licensed?

A licensed commercial construction company means that they are well educated, have proper training, etc. that allows them to be qualified to work on your property. In addition, their licenses should also be up-to-date. If you notice that they are expired or set to expire within the next few month, you should consult them about it.

Your contractor should also have liability insurance to protect themselves and you if there is damage to your property while they are working on it.

Bonded simply means that your contractor has surety coverage, which is a type of insurance that protects you and your contractor if they never complete the project. This can be a result of your contractor not having the right permits or you not having the money to back up the project.

 Do you have past experience working on this sort of project?

Usually, commercial construction companies happily offer examples and share their past experiences on projects they have recently completed. This is mainly because any company is proud of the work they do, especially when they can present it in a positive light. That being said, it’s also important that you ask for references from past clients that were happy with the work the construction company did.

 How long will the project take?

From the start, the construction company you hire should have a set date that they believe the project will be completed. However, this set schedule should also take inclement weather and delays into account. This way, they won’t have to cut corners to make their deadlines. If the construction company has a problem with meeting deadlines in the first place, it’s probably best to look for another company to hire instead.

 Will there be a project manager and how can I contact them?

There should always be a project manager overseeing the work being done on your property that you can contact if there is ever a problem or concern you have. However, it’s just as important for you to be available to them and establish a line of communication in which they can contact you if they ever have a concern as well.

Are there any warranties or guarantees for your work?

All commercial construction projects should come with some sort of written warranty. This firm, agreed-upon warranty should guarantee what work will be completed and should lay out what will happen if the project is not completed as expected. This warranty is presented in addition to your contract or as part of your contract. A good commercial construction company will usually complete a project within 12 to 24 months, as per your signed contract.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can better sort out which questions you want to ask the commercial construction company you plan on hiring. Remember, there should be no limit to what you ask them, after all, you’re the one employing them to work on your property. If any problem or concern arises, they should only be a phone call away.


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