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5 Foods you need to carry with you at the time of Survival

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Survival foods are those which are important for any type of emergency. Nutrition always plays an important role in maintaining our overall health and help our body in any condition like in wild area during hiking, in disaster for any emergency or in the adversity times.In any condition of survival, survival meal kit plays an important role in the way of ensuring that one has easy access to a reliable and continual source of food and energy in the form of protein’s, vitamin’sas well as calories.

If we discuss survival foods,normally the average American has less than 4days’ worth survivor of food at home. That means we’re only around 70 hours away from a food riot if supply linescabisdisturbed. Every house should have enough supplies to get all the members through the crisis or any emergency situation.

Best survival foods kit can be easily packed, is lightweight and easy to carry. The more important challenge one will face is finding enough food for the survival of the family and ones in the tough conditions. In the situation of survival, there are many types of food which we can’t store or carry easily but some easily carry for survival time. There is certain food which is so popular in any survival condition. Here following some survival foods are following which have worth for survival time.

  • Dried Meat and Fruits
  • Coconut Oil
  • Canned Tuna
  • Peanut Butter
  • Vitamins

Dried Meat and Fruits

In the situation of any emergency, dried meat and fruits play a versatile role in energy. Inan emergency situation you don’t have cooking facilities then maybe you can eatit simply otherwise if one had the facility one can boil all of these with other food. On another hand in survival crisis dried meat and fruit should help you for your digestion system healthy. In survival, your diet is nothing more than survival foods and white flour than these dried meat and fruits make you lot of healthier and happier. Dried meat and fruit also much healthier because they have more proteins and carbohydrates so that’s why this type of food is better choice in thetime of survival. Dried meat and fruits havea high nutritional value as compared to many other options and that is why this can be preferred as a food in the time of crisis.

Coconut Oil

In ancient days coconut oil had much worth in the survival time or in an emergency. But many of oils have not sufficient life for storage or to be used in any survival situation. On the other hand, all types of oil are helpful for cooking the food. Coconut oil can also be used for frying the food in deep fryers flux. If any survival or in any disaster situation you want to fry anything then your best choice is coconut oil because coconut hasa long life as a store or in the term of cooking.

Coconut hasthe ability to last about three years in any survival condition. Coconut oil is multipurpose survival food and most known oil in the world. It is usually used in the scenario of survivals where food supply istoo hard. Coconut oil is also can be used forsurvival for many other emergencies like for filing the wound.

Canned Tuna

In a survivalsituation, if you havecanned tuna to carry then you have much of healthy food because tuna is most healthy food in sea water. Canned tuna is also known as the chicken sea and become good food for a survival scenario. Canned tuna listed in a fewer meat which is famous food for any survival or in a disaster situation. Canned tuna used for many purposes in survival like in salad, sandwiches’ and as dry food for eating.Canned tuna is good for survival times because the canned tuna has much of protein approximately 34g and also have carbohydrates and vitamin D. These are nutrients which have worth to survive any survival or disaster emergency. Canned tuna is ready to eat that is why it is worthy for being listed among survival foods. Canned tuna is possibly most delicious food in survival time and its ready to eat facility gives the edge to tuna for disasters and in survival times.

Peanut Butter

In a disaster or any survival scenario peanut butter is an important food. Due toa super filling that it has, the excellent quantity of protein’s, and having long usage life. Peanut butter is anaffordable food. This is not only a comfort food because they havehelpful and healthy fats and full of protein that can satisfy our diet or health in any survival scenario. Peanut butter can be eaten for quick energy in survival condition and it can be containedin sealedcontainer to last for many years. It is delicious in taste. Peanut butter has salt and sweetener both of taste that’s why it is most known food on the survival list.Nowadays peanut butter is used in very bulk quantity in all over the world.


In the survivalsituation’s and in disasters the deficiency of nutrition can destroy our healthrapidly. In accident times it is not just about the presence of enough food to fill the stomach. It should also be ensured that there isenough diet which maintains our deficiencies of debilitating.Vitamins are essential for the one who is in survival time. Vitamins of any type can provide the essential energy to one in any condition of survival. From its compound of the organism,vitamins can give power to survivor to help in survival in case of emergencies and disasters. All type of vitamins can be useful in the survival conditions like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and as well as Vitamin D.

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