by Lee Flynn

5 Creative Strategies You Can Use to Drive Brand Awareness

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If you want to stand out in today’s world, you need to have the right strategy. You cannot simply do what everyone else is doing or customers will never know your company. To drive brand awareness, try one of the following creative strategies:

  1. Engaging Video Content

Television killed radio, and now online video content is killing articles. Video is the most popular kind of content right now. A quick look at the most used social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat shows this.

The reason people love video is that it feels more real. It emulates a person being in the room with you. Because of this, businesses can create deep connections with their fans that feel like they know them. This allows you to persuade them better and get them involved in your product offerings, not to mention stand out from the crowd.

Most of your market is probably not using video to the full potential so you if you do, you have a chance to eat up marketshare that you never had before. When creating videos, pack it dense with valuable content that is relevant to your market. Do research on the pain points of people in your industry and offer to solve them with information, entertainment, or your products and services. Done right, video can be the perfect top part of your sales funnel to drive brand awareness and make people more open to receiving your other marketing messages.

  1. Newsjacking

When something is trending online, don’t let it go to waste. Jump on the trend with newsjacking. This involves creating content around the current topic in the form of written or video content. You will be able to siphon off clicks from people who are searching for that exact term.

  1. Outbound Sales

Don’t believe the things you’ve heard about cold calling being dead. A cold call is simply the start of a relationship with a customer. It doesn’t mean you have to hard sell anyone. Instead, it can add a human touch when you have your marketing or sales team reach out to real clients and offer to help them with their situations. The worst case scenario is that they are now in your funnel, whether they buy on the first call or not. You never know when a phone call could turn into a deal that changes your business overnight.

  1. Media Partnerships

Don’t feel like you have to go it alone. A great creative strategy is to ask yourself what companies in your industry have the same customer base. As long as they don’t offer the same product as you and are not direct competitors, offer to team up and send each other leads and referrals. It could really break the ice with a new customer who is now aware of your brand for the first time. Consider offering a generous kickback, this will further incentivize your partners to send more business your way. And don’t forget to return the favor.

  1. Listen to Market Needs and Innovate

Using an algorithmic approach like tfidf can help you determine which words a certain marketplace is using and then weight them based on importance. This will give you valuable insight into what kind of market initiatives your audience will respond to. Use this data to inform the creation of new products and services that really meet the needs of the people you serve. In today’s world, this approach will win over competitors who don’t truly care about what their customers want.


When it comes to driving brand awareness, it is crucial that you understand the right tools and methods to use. If you don’t, your competitors could get more attention and convert more customers than you. Make sure that as many people as possible know about your incredible company and what you do by using the creative strategies above.


by: Lee Flynn


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