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5 Best Characteristics in Potential Employees

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Are you seeking to build a successful, productive workforce? Hiring the right employees the first time can be overwhelmingly beneficial for companies. However, every candidate does not possess the characteristics of a top-notch employee. being able to spot workers who have superb potential and a capacity for excellent performance takes time and effort. Consider these top characteristics of candidates that you may be considering for hire.

1. Productivity

Every year, businesses lose billions of dollars on unproductive employees. The Small Business Chronicle declares that employees who are unproductive have poor performance, fail to meet deadlines, and are often distracted while at work. To some employers, there is nothing more impressive than a skilled candidate who knows how to get results. Candidates who are productive and accomplished signal to employers that they take their jobs seriously. When a candidate brings proof of their productivity and the difference that they made in previous positions, he or she can grow in value in the eyes of an employer.

2. Creativity

To hire and maintain creative employees is critical for modern businesses that want to get ahead. The Harvard Business Review reports that creative employees invent the ideas that become seeds of innovation within a company. From this perspective, a highly creative employee may be the innovative thinker that uplifts your company and propels it forward. Hiring managers are looking to recruit people who are able to use their creativity to solve problems and think of out-of-the-box ideas. Whether it is a revolutionary new product or service, an employee that comes up with a unique idea can bring your business in tons of profits.

3. Honesty and Trustworthiness

The lost profits from unscrupulous employees can slowly damage a business. As a result, honesty and trustworthiness and individuals is even more important Many employers are equipping their premises with new wireless security cameras to catch dishonest employees in action. Avoiding the hire of untrustworthy individuals is a better prevention method, and proactive business owners are seeking to do just that. Individuals who are deemed trustworthy make great employees that employers do not have to worry about. They provide honest feedback, and do not engage (or have a history of engaging) in acts that can be deemed as dishonest or of poor character. A clear criminal record is also an indication of quality character.

4. Punctuality

An employee who can ensure that he or she is on time for work is an advantage for business owners. According to Jibe Recruiting, nearly ¾ of managers report that dependability makes a huge difference when trying to hiring someone who always comes through on time. Employees who are punctual respect their time and the time of others. Employees that do not come to work on time are far less dependable. Starting on time or ahead of schedule means that projects left in their care will be completed. Furthermore, employees who are punctual are also are good at honoring deadlines when it counts.

5. Strong Leadership Skills

Superior employees have the natural inclination to take initiative and lead others. Individuals who possess natural leadership ability or a history of doing it successfully in other positions often make great lifetime employees. Being able to lead a work team or supervise other staff members is an exceptional ability that is worth noting in new job candidates. Not only will these individuals make fine employees, but they may also serve as effective managers later down the line.

Although some characteristics of great employees may vary by industry, these set of traits are advantageous for any field. Individuals who want to go a long way in their career would do well in developing these traits within themselves. Employers over time learn to keep an eye out for candidates who exhibit high-quality characteristics while avoiding those who simply talk a good game. Investing in employees who have the capacity to do well is a smart decision. Candidates who possess these desirable characteristics may range from entry-level workers to well-accomplished professionals. Being able to spot an individual who has many or all of these positive traits is something that hiring managers must do to build an exceptional workforce.

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