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4 Ways to Protect Your Cloud Storage

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Placing data in the cloud certainly adds a layer of protection far more extensive than relying on a standard computer hard drive. Even with antivirus and other protections in place, data on a hard drive could still be breached by hackers. Putting data in the cloud doesn’t automatically guarantee complete and total safety, but the level of security can be much higher. In addition to better security, data in the cloud won’t be destroyed if a computer hard drive was damaged. A fire in an office or flood in the home can destroy data saved on a hard drive. Data stored in the cloud would remain safe.

Owners of critical data may still wish to be cautious about cloud storage. Doing what is necessary to enhance security might not be too difficult. Putting a few tips into action could reap positive results.

Be Wary of Putting Certain Sensitive Documents in the Cloud

Uploading all your tax documents from the past ten years into a cloud storage account protects the data from those lacking the password. If you saved the password on your computer and the computer is stolen, access to the cloud account isn’t all that difficult. Equally simple would be the ability to access the tax documents. Maybe a better plan for the tax documents entails storing them on a flash drive and placing the flash drive in a safety deposit box at the bank.

Think carefully about what data is to be stored in the cloud. Upon careful consideration, certain data may be better stored elsewhere. No matter where data and important information are stored, think about working with an MDR service to further enhance protection. If something goes wrong, the MDR company may be able to help.

Utilize Smart Password Protection

Once again, access to a password means access to a cloud storage account. Incredibly, many millions of people still choose to use very easy to guess passwords. Choosing highly-common passwords make the job of a hacker much easier. To save passwords adds convenience when using a computer, but passwords shouldn’t be saved for highly-sensitive accounts. Banks, money transfer, and cloud storage services fall under the highly-sensitive category.

Selecting a word right out of the dictionary and adding a footer could make a password difficult to guess or hack. “Radiator” isn’t exactly a common password. “RadiatorXYZ” would be even less common. Creating passwords in a manner similar to this could increase cloud storage security immensely. Password security also increases rather easily as well.

Maximize the Use of Encryption

Encryption tools make things much harder for unauthorized entrants. Encrypting files so no one can open, access, or review the documents without a password changes things. Those entering the cloud storage area can do nothing once inside without an encryption password as well. The basic assumption that moving files to the cloud provides enough security simply isn’t accurate. Taking further steps to create different levels of security should be performed. Encrypting files placed in the cloud reflects one way of adding another level.

Cloud storage itself can be encrypted. The cloud service handles the task of encrypting local files. That is, copies of the files are stored in the cloud and the ones on a hard drive are encrypted by the cloud storage service. Of course, the service also provides the tools for decryption as well.

Not every cloud storage service offers this option, but some do. Those interested in paying for cloud storage may wish to see if encryption lists as one of the features. Take that as another reason to review all features associated with a particular cloud storage contract.

Choose the Best Cloud Service

Always perform the necessary research to determine how secure a particular cloud storage company is. Choose the service that developed a strong reputation for consistent and reliable security. Otherwise, the data may find itself at an unreasonable risk for theft.


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