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4 Summer Beauty Trends And Tips That Make You Runway-Ready

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When you want to pick up on the latest beauty trends and tips for summer, then watching the New York, Paris, London and Milan runways will deliver the edge. Even though designers are creating new fashion and signaling prominent colors each season, makeup and hair always closely follow because they all tie into one.

We rounded up our favorites that you can play around with when the sizzling heat is on, and those lazy, sultry days beckon.

Getting Your Glow On

If you admire the gorgeous cheek highlighting that Jennifer Lopez is known for, then you will like summer’s serious blush action. Designers like Marc Jacobs have made this trend the focus of their spring/summer beauty looks.

Pretty in pink appears to be the go-to shade, and it’s a feminine, glamorous accent on the bone structure. His models were sent down the runway showing off the amazing highlighting that was swept all the way up into the temples.

Strong Lips Don’t Lie

Going mysteriously dark or getting back to bold basics appear to be the favorites for fashionable beauty this summer. It’s the Gothic, in-your-face lipstick or the classic red pout Hollywood style. The rest of your canvas can remain natural because deep burgundy or scarlet lips don’t need anything else to turn heads.

Models at the DKNY show were all about the goth, and Giambattista Valli took the girly route with red lips and loose flowing waves.

When it comes to long-lasting bold lipsticks, that is the mission. Formulas that don’t come off of the lips are key. Checking out a Lipsense distributor review describes exactly how these modern lipstick formulas are made with staying power.

Celebrating Cher’s Long Hair

It’s an iconic look, no matter what shade of hair you wear it in. The smokin’ hot trend began this spring and continues right into summer. It’s all about the long, pin straight tresses of the icon herself, Cher.

Designers have been loving this hair because it’s sexy and strong. Jennifer Lopez keeps wearing this style, especially on dates with her man, Alex Rodriguez. Kourtney Kardashian continues the trend, and sister Kim was one of the first style setters to make her ode to Cher.

Versace showed off the beauty trend on the runways with model Gigi Hadid leading the way. Of course, if your locks are less than that, you could always choose a gorgeous wig or some sexy hair extensions.

Putting Down the Brow Tweezers

Whatever you do, this season means owning a full, unkempt pair of brows. That’s right; if they’re bushy, all the better. The eyebrows are still untamed going into summer.

Keeping your natural brow shape is key. Makeup artists suggest using a brush to groom them in the direction of your brow hairs’ natural growth. That also means not plucking, waxing or snipping too much of your brows’ fullness.

Not everyone has been blessed with beautiful, thick brows like model Cara Delevingne, so you have to punt in that situation. Today, there are a variety of brow “helpers” to fake a fuller set of eyebrows. These advanced formulas come in fiber thickening tubes like mascara or as waxy pencils, powders, gels and a lot more.

Having fun with hair and makeup, especially during summer, is a wonderful time to experience these beauty tips and trends. It’s about living in the moment, not taking yourself so seriously and enjoying summer’s warmth and appeal in lighter clothing and freer makeup and hair looks. Nothing is more boring than old and traditional. Trends are created to keep us modern, positive and open to whatever the world is bringing our way. Making yourself pretty with different makeup and hairstyles is empowering.


by: Angela Pattridge 

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